Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, a Delta state governorship candidate for 2023, has stated that it would be ungodly and politically incorrect for the Delta South Senatorial District, which vacated the seat less than eight years ago, to run for the seat in 2023.

Gbagi said he was one of the most prominent PDP members in Delta State vying for the governorship seat during a ceremony hosted by the Gbagi Solidarity Movement to thank members of his campaign organization.
He stated that he had no interest in running for governor in 1999, but that he was a major supporter of Prof. Sam Oyovbaire until he withdrew from the race at the late Chief David Dafenone’s residence in Apapa, Lagos State, and directed him to run in his place.

“So I decided then that when the circle completes and it comes to Delta Central,” he says, “I will run for Governor.” If you look at the calendar, Delta Central will have waited 16 years by the time Governor Ifeanyi Okowa finishes.”

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“Every senatorial district will have to wait 16 years because of the way it was designed.” I want us to understand it because it appears that some of us are groping in the dark; some of us are talking politics; some of us were not members of the party to know how it was enacted; some of us have no idea where we came from; some of us were not part of those who brought PDP to Delta State, but I am proud to be one of those aspirants and members of PDP who decided that the governorship should be rotated from one senatorial district to the other. He explained that one must wait 16 years for the others to take their turn.

“We can’t change the game plan in the middle of the game because Delta Central has waited 16 years.” I beg for the peace and progress that we have experienced as a people to continue. A senatorial district that just completed its turn in less than 8 years cannot argue that a senatorial district that has waited 16 years should not be allowed to take its turn. That would be ungodly as well as politically incorrect. He continued, “I implore us to understand ourselves and work together in unity for the good, greatness, and development of Delta State.”

Gbagi stated that if Deltans looked at the amount of money owed to the three governors who have governed the state, they would be eternally grateful to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for his fiscal prudence.

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