Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr. Kadri Obafemi Hamzat has called on religious leaders in the State to harp their sermons on the importance of personal responsibility and family values in a bid to tackle the myriads of problems facing the country.

Speaking today at the Commissioning of the Ultra-modern Quranic Central Mosque and Turbaning of Admiral Jubrila Ayinla​ and his wife Alhaja Jemilah Ayinla as the New Baba Adinni and​ Amira Tul-Mehmeen of Quranic Muslim Community respectively, Dr. Hamzat emphasized that lack of personal responsibility is becoming an issue in the country and needed to be addressed if the country is to move forward .

Hamzat said, “Alot of people​ do say that the problem of Nigeria is leadership. Well, I want to say that, it is not 100% correct in my view. The problem is that the family has broken up and there is lack of personal responsibility in the country. Many people have left their responsibilities undone which is having negative effects on the society and country at large.”

He therefore called on all citizens irrespective of their religion to take personal responsibility very important and play their roles effectively and efficiently adding that leadership starts from the home which is the bedrock of any developed society.

In his paper titled, “Revisiting the Centrality of the Mosque and the Quran in Islam”, the Guest Speaker, Prof. Tajudeen Gbadamosi, stressed the importance of the Quran as a book of guidance which must be studied by all Muslims to know.

He admonished that parents should learn from the guidance of the Holy Quran and examples of the Prophets, that they have responsibilities to command their children to serve and worship Almighty Allah and keep them safe from hell. He said they should show concern about their children’s religious commitments and success in the Hereafter.

The Guest Speaker added that there is the need to establish classes for the study of the Quran for the benefit of all categories of worshippers, male, female, the young, middle-aged and senior citizens. He stated that Tutors should be engaged from reputable schools and centres across the country to teach the people in the centre.​ ​

Earlier in his Welcome Address, the Vice President, Quranic Central Mosque, Lagos, Alhaji Shakirudeen Olatunji Giwa disclosed that new mosque was initially built in 1877, rebuilt and commissioned in 1987 and now reconstructed to ultra modern standard through financial support received from members and non-members of the mosque.

He used the opportunity to express appreciation to all who stood by them when renovation work was ongoing and thanked members of the Working Committee who devoted their time and energy to achieve the remarkable feat, stressing that the organization will continue to seek support for the propagation of islam.

While congratulating the president of the organization, Admiral Jubrila Ayinla (Retd) and his wife, Alhaja Jemilah Ayinla on their installation as Baba Adinni and Amira–Tu-Muhmeen of the Quranic Muslim Community, Nigeria respectively, the Vice President noted that the installation was in recognition and endorsement of their immense service and support to the organization and to further serve as impetus to do more.

​ ​

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