The Family of the Late Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony hereby give notice and inform the public to be aware of one Queen Irene Cole and some of her associates parading themselves to be the Trustees of the Estate of our Father- Late Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony.I Mr. Babatunde Oluwajimi Bank-Anthony (The Grand Son of Late Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony) is here under the instructions and permission of the Elders & the whole of the Bank-Anthony family to set the records straight with members of the public. Queen Irene Cole has incessantly written different articles in the Newspaper, Television stations and has had a couple of Press Conferences where she has made claims, produced various documents to back their Trusteeship. We as a family have been silent not because we did not know what to do but because this case is in court and felt that it would run its course in the court. We are a family that stand by what we were brought up with by our late Father and Grandfather….. Decency,Truth and Integrity, hence the silence all this while. Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony at the time of his death in 1991 left a clear and comprehensive last Will & Testament which depicted his last wishes. His last Will & Testament created stated that his Estate be governed and run by a list of his chosen trustees. This list DID NOT include anyone named Queen Irene Cole neither did it include some of her fraudulent partners.Queen Irene Cole and her cohorts who we as a family do not know, have spent the last couple of years attempting to insert themselves in the Estate and properties of the late Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony. Queen Irene Cole has continually falsified her relationship to the Bank-Anthony family and has through fraudulent methods obtained a court judgement which is currently being legally challenged by the family and the Estate.It has been brought to our notice that Queen Irene Cole and some of her partners have been using this fraudulent court judgement in an attempt to access Estate funds and engage with property developers. We the Family are using this medium to inform Everyone that Queen Irene Cole DOES NOT HAVE THE PERMISSION OR THE AUTHORITY TO REPRESENT THE BANK- ANTHONY FAMILY AND ANYONE WHO ENTERS INTO ANY BUSINESS TRANSACTION WITH HER IN REGARDS TO THE BANK-ANTHONY ESTATE DOES SO AT THEIR OWN PERIL.The Bank-Anthony Estate WILL NOT recognize nor honour any contracts made with Queen Irene Cole and her partners. The Late Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony left a clear and unequivocal last Will and Testament which ‘We’ as a family WILL ENSURE THROUGH ALL LEGAL AVENUES THAT HIS WISHES ARE UPHELD. I would like to make reference to a few articles Queen Irene Cole has written in the past and let the public know THE TRUTH and put an end to her lies, Deceit and Clear Warnings to the public about this Lady.VANGUARD NEWS By Emma Nnadozie, Crime Editor and Esther Onyegbulah on 26th Oct 2019 – Drama-over-late-bank-anthonys-wealth1st paragraph states ‘A 67-year-old woman, Queen Irene Cole said to be the Godmother and Attorney of the beneficiaries of the massive wealth of renowned late philanthropist, Sir Mobolaji Bank Anthony’.I want to categorically state it that Queen Irene Cole IS NOT THE GODMOTHER OR ATTORNEY OF ANY BENEFICIARY of the Will of Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony. She claims to be the God Mother of one of Sir Bank-Anthony’s Grand Children (I am not here to dispute that) but that said person IS NOT A BENEFICIARY of the Will and as per being an Attorney of the Beneficiaries, SHE IS NOT – All the Beneficiaries of the Will (I myself included) have not employed her as an Attorney or requested that she represents us in any shape or form.2nd Paragraph states ‘The woman, a retired naval officer in the United States of America, USA, and mother of one of the children of the late philanthropist’.Queen Irene Cole was NEVER IN A RELATIONSHIP with Sir Bank-Anthony let alone has a child with him. Sir Bank-Anthony was Blessed with 4 children namely, Omosheri Bank-Anthony (Deceased), Ajibike Bank-Anthony(Deceased), Oremi Bank-Anthony and Bolaji Bank-Anthony.3rd Paragraph states ‘In the petition signed by their lawyer, Kayode Fasetire Esq and addressed to the Inspector General of Police, the beneficiaries alleged’We the Beneficiaries NEVER WROTE OR SIGNED ANY PETITION. We DO NOT KNOW WHO Kayode Fasetire Esq is (but believe he is associated to Queen Irene Cole). This is simply a pack of lies to say ‘the beneficiaries alleged’, we the Beneficiaries have not had any dealings with Kayode Fasetire. He might have had dealings with other people in the family, (that is not for me to confirm) but NO BENEFICIARY OF THE BANK-ANTHONY WILL has had any business with him.Please let me emphasise, I state once more, ‘BENEFICIARIES’.6th Paragraph states ‘I was warned never to go near my house again and almost assassinated by a very violent policeman who not only kept slapping my personal assistant but traumatized the entire members of the family in our residence at Number 29, Okotie Ebo Close, Ikoyi, Lagos.29 Okotie Ebo Close, Ikoyi, Lagos was the residence of Late Sir & Lady Bank-Anthony. This was where was ‘Home’ to Papa’s children, Oremi and Bolaji, as well as my older Sister, Funmilayo Bank-Anthony (First Grand Child), My Cousin, Durorike Bank-Anthony (Grand Niece) and my Myself.I do not know where Queen Irene Cole lives; I don’t even know if she has a house and find it quite amusing that she can say the Police ‘traumatized the entire members of the family in our residence at No 29 Okotie Eboh Close’.Why is she laying claim to this address?These are all Lies!!11th paragraph states ‘recently, the family finally stood together as one and appointed me Queen Irene Olasunmbo Cole their attorney in fact, I stand as a mother to all my childrenWe the Bank Anthony have always stuck together as one family in Unity and Love, WE HAVE NEVER; WE WILL NEVER APPOINT Queen Irene Olasumbo Cole as our attorney. She is not the Mother of any of us. We vehemently state it that The Bank Anthony family HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH Queen Irene Olasumbo Cole. She has been deceptive, lied so many times (it’s difficult to count) and fraudulently obtained documents due to the fact that the courts were not fully informed.Another article she wrote was in THIS DAY By Precious Ugwuzor On 26th May 2022 – How Banks, Registrars’ Alleged Conspiracy with impostors Fleeced Late Bank Anthony’s EstateRecently on the17th May 2022, Queen Irene Cole accompanied with her cohorts who claim to be Beneficiaries, Lawyers and Consultants to the Estate conducted a Press Conference to Appeal with Registrars and Banks to release funds to them as they are the ‘Probated Trustees’ of the Estate. This is a case that is still in Court.They initially got a judgement due to the information that was not made available to the court at the time they filed, they have ‘tweaked’ and changed Names in order to match the name of one of the Beneficiaries stated in the Will. They have tried everything and anything possible to try to get their hands on the funds of the Estate. The judgement they are parading around is dated 5th August 2020 but subsequently the case was referred to the Court of Appeal on 5th November 2021. A Notice of Appeal has been put forward and we are presently waiting for an Appeal date.Queen Irene Cole and her partners in deception are simply in a bid to race against time. They hope they can get to the Funds of the Estate before an Appeal hearing but we as a family will ensure they will not succeed in their Deceit.Queen Irene Cole who claims to be working for the family has ‘dared’ to threaten my siblings to jail.You are not a member of a family, yet you are threatening members of the family …….Why?The simple fact is that they will not be a part of her deceit to get access to the funds of the Estate.We are a family with strong foundations, A Tree that can tilt (as does any
family experience) but CAN NEVER BE BROKEN; not by anybody and certainly not Queen Irene Olasunmbo Cole. For & On Behalf of the Entire Family of Late Sir Mobolaji Bank-AnthonyOremi Bank-Anthony(Daughter)Bolaji Bank-Anthony(Daughter)Funmilayo Bank-Anthony(Grand Daughter)Durorike Bank-Anthony(Grand Niece)Babatunde Oluwajimi Bank-Anthony(Grand Son) All correspondence to:- AFFIDAVITI Bolaji Bank-Anthony of 53 Steve Biko Road, London N7 7JF make this oath that says as follows:ClaimantBolaji Bank-AnthonyDefendantsQueen Irene ColeFunmilola Bank-AnthonyAbubakar Mohammed AnthonyI Bolaji Bank-Anthony make an oath that says as follows: The initial court application tendered to the High Court of Lagos State in the Lagos Judicial Division on the 21st of July 2019 by Olufunmilola Bank-Anthony and Abubakar Mohammed Anthony is fraudulent as the names parties at the time of testator’s death were not known by those names and were not beneficiaries in the last will and testament of Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony dated 10th April 1991.This application was made by Olufunmilola Bank-AnthonyMohammed Abubakar Anthony AgainstDr Bolaji KutiMr Jide WilliamsAbiola Reffell (Mrs)as the surviving executors to the estate of Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony deceasedThis application was fraudulently made using false information to seek the transfer of the executorship from Dr Bolaji Kuti, Mr Jide Williams and Mrs Abiola Reffell to Olufunmilola Bank-Anthony and Mohammed Abubakar Anthony.A ruling to the above fraudulent application was made at the High Court of Lagos State in the Judicial Division (General Civil) Holden at High Court No 20, Lagos, before Hon. Justice S.A. Onigbanjo on Wednesday 5th of August 2020 BetweenOlufunmilola Bank-AnthonyMohammed Abubakar Anthony (as beneficiaries to the estate of Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony deceased for themselves and other beneficiaries)AndDr Bolaji KutiMr Jide WilliamsAbiola Reffell (Mrs)(as the surviving executors to the estate of Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony deceased)The ruling based on the fraudulent application stated in 1 of this affidavit removed the executors/trustees of the estate of Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony and replaced them with the following executors/trustees subject to the security as determined by the courta) Funmilola Bank-Anthonyb) Queen Irene Colec) Mohammed Abubakar Bank-Anthony Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony had 4 children:Sherifat Bank-Anthony (deceased)Ajibike Bank-Anthony (deceased)Oremi Bank-Anthony EvansBolaji Bank-Anthony I Bolaji Bank-Anthony being the youngest daughter of the late Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony swear this oath to prove and challenge the validity of the judgement made by Hon Justice Onigbanjo on 5th August 2020. The judgement was made and based on false information which was fraudulently submitted to the court to gain trusteeship of the estate of my late father Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony. Funmilola Bank-AnthonyMohammed Abubakar Bank-Anthony are NOT beneficiaries in my late fathers will of 10 April 1991 and thus ask that the judgement be set aside based on the fraudulent information on which the judgement was based. Queen Irene Cole is not named in any capacity in the last will and testament of Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony and is not known to me or my family. Queen Irene Cole has no legal standing to either make an application to the court or be included in the trusteeship of my fathers estate. She has fraudulently attempted to use the fraudulent judgement to gain monies from my fathers properties. She has not only committed fraud but also theft.I did not authorise Queen Irene Cole or anyone to commence any criminal prosecution against any of the trustees of my late father Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony as they are duly elected trustees of my father as stated in his last will and testament dated 10 April 1991.Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony left a clear and unequivocal last will and testament in which he chose named people to manage his estate. This judgement gained fraudulently goes against his wishes and I want it removed.

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