The federal government has been urged to return education to what it was in the ’70s by giving the education taskforce fund from the then head of state Ibrahim Babangida, to the education sector

This was the submission of an academic and a global engineering icon, Prof Ayodele francis Ogunye at a birthday lecture to celebrate him and his significant contribution to academic development as evident at the University of Lagos precisely, the engineering department where he sacrificed his gratuity and pension in 1995 to create a trust fund to encourage brilliance and excellent academic performance.

Speaking on the theme of the lecture, “Global energy transition and it’s impact on NigerIa”, Prof. Moses Trade said the change to fosil fuel is global and Wil tackle climate change.

For Prof. Ogunye, it is imperative to transit adding that, it’s effect might not be immediate but will be felt in long term with an appeal to govt to embrace it by taking up the challenge to tap into the vast human resources available to NigerIans and prepare for the future.

First lady of Ogun state, Bamdele Abiodun condemned the frequent strikes in the education sector saying it is detrimental to the economy just as the deputy governor, Noimot Oyedele showered accolades on Prof. Ogunye.

The octogenarian like other scholars as prof. Rahmon Bello and the deputy Vice chancellor who lauded his achievements expressed the belief that NigerIa can be great if Government begins to tap from the wealth of knowledge of academics and their research works.

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