The fund for the renovation of the Onicha-Ugbo Police station received a boost on Saturday, 3/9/22, as Aniami Club of Onicha-Ugbo donated N.5m to join the league of prominent contributors towards the renovation and fencing of the Police Station in Onich-Ugbo.

Receiving the cheque at a town hall meeting in Suru-Lere, Lagos, the Onicha-Ugbo Patriotic Union (OPU) National Executive Council (NEC) President-General, Barr. Peter Kogolo, thanked the Club for its gesture and challenged other Clubs in Onicha-Ugbo to emulate Aniami, noting that no investment in development is too much, particularly when it is targeted at improving the people’s welfare and securing lives and property.

Making the presentation, the Vice-President of Aniami Club, Sir Don Diei, said Aniami Club was impressed by the zeal and sincerity demonstrated, so far, by the present NEC. Incidentally, the Aniami Club President, Mr. Nwanne Monye, who also doubles as the NEC Financial Secretary-General, was present at the presentation ceremony and, as a member of NEC, was on the receiving side of the cheque.

The town hall meeting which was co-hosted by the NEC and Lagos Area Council, had the full complement of representatives from all branches of the union in Lagos State.

The meeting was part of the ongoing President-General’s post-election worldwide tours which commenced with his visit to the Obi of Onicha-Ugbo, Agbogidi Chukwumalieze 1, followed by the visit to the Obi-in-Council. He later proceeded to the USA in May this year where he consulted widely with Onicha-Ugbo indigenes, sensitizing them to the need for joint efforts to develop our town.

Highlights of the occasion included the presentation of awards to two prominent members of the union, Messrs. John Kachikwu and Rex Mafiana who, over the years, have distinguished themselves in regular humongous selfless contributions towards security and development of public infrastructure in Onicha-Ugbo. Also given awards were three branches: Okoko Men, Lagos Island/Lekki Men and Women branches which stood out among branches in prompt liquidation of mandatory dues and levies to the extent that, at the point where rebates were granted to debtor branches to encourage repayment of debts, their balances were either in credit or near zero.

The PG gave a rundown of the projects that have engaged the NEC since assumption of office on April 16, this year. They include the Borehole Reactivation, the Corpers Lodge Completion, Settlement of Inherited Debts, Generator for the Borehole, Overhaul of the Water-truck, and recently, the Police Station Renovation and Fencing. He said the budget for the six projects totaled N22m, including the just added Police Station project with a budget of N8.5m and that the total received so far was about N3.95m.

*Dazzling Pledges*

While we were still basking in the euphoria of Mr. Rex Mafiana’s previous givings, he made a new pledge of N250,000 in support of the police station Renovation project. He went further to suggest the formation of a *Group of Fifty* patriots who will volunteer to constantly make available a minimum amount of N1m per month to the OPU-NEC by making a minimum monthly contribution of N20,000 per person. To set the ball rolling, he submitted himself as number 1 on the list and volunteered to personally make a monthly contribution of N100,000.

While thanking him for the generous gestures, the PG appealed to capable sons and daughters of Onicha-Ugbo worldwide to join this group by getting in touch with the Exco. He gave the assurance that every kobo received shall be meticulously applied in executing developmental projects for which they were meant. The Financial Secretary-General, Mr. Nwanne Monye, added his word that accountability and transparency, as have been demonstrated so far in their reports, shall continue.

The occasion was graced by many progressive minds who spoke glowingly of their confidence in the Exco. One of the founding elders of the OPU, Prof. Steve O. Mahonwu, was present at the meeting and pronounced his blessings upon the Union, the NEC and Onicha-Ugbo in general.

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