According to Aliyu Aziz, Director General of the National Identity Management Commission, the Commission has enrolled 89 million people in the ongoing National Identity Number, NIN enrolment.

He made the announcement at a press conference in Abuja, Nigeria, to commemorate the 4th National Identity Day, which is held on September 16th each year.

According to Aziz, despite the fact that the commission has successfully enrolled 89 million people, the commission is taking the enrollment campaign to the country’s nooks and crannies by partnering with traditional institutions.
“As at today we have enrolled 89million people for the National Identify Number, NIN). When I became the DG we enrolled over 7million but you can see than we have enrolled additional 82 million We have been growing the data as every month we enrol 2 million people.

“The 89million are the mainstream people so there are still remaining the local people in village, Petty traders, market poeple and artisan in rural areas across the country who are yet to be enrolled,” He emphasised

The NIMC Boss said to achieve this, “one of strategies is that we are partnering with the traditional instructions and leaders to create awareness on NIN enrolment at the grass roots because NIN is the right of everyone.

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“You know that Identity is a tool for empowerment and greater use of digital Identity can help bring development and coordinating for better delivery of government services” Aziz said.

He also disclosed that modifications such as change of name, change of date of birth and others that are within the law should not take more than 48 hours to effect.

He said, those modifications that take more than 48 hours are modifications that are not within the law though some are obvious error due to illiteracy.

“With our system modification of names and dates of birth within the law (5yrs) shouldn’t take more than 48 hours. Those that take longer is because we have to consult with other relevant stakeholders before we effect the modification.

“Though we have some that you can see clearly that it is an error from entry, like in a case where the child is three years younger than the mother. So we advise that any one who is not literate that is coming for enrollment should come with one literate person,” the NIMC Boss stressed.

Aziz spoke on the commission’s enrollment programme, “There are three pillars based on the Identity programme : effective design to ensure inclusion creating a robust and secured and accuracy with our partnering agencies capturing data and instructional frame work .That was the reason we launch the tokenization system to ensure privacy of data.

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In addition he said:“We have over 15,000 enrollment centres and over 29,000 equipment all over the country.”

He urged the media to help educate the people at the grassroots across the country.

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