Bola Tinubu, the APC candidate, has been tasked with getting a medical exam and disclosing the results, according to Pat Utomi, a political economist and leader of the Labour Party.

He asserted Tinubu is unqualified.

On Monday, Prof. Utomi issued the challenge while participating in a discussion on Politics Today on Channels Television. He claimed that the election of 2019 is about Nigerians’ daily life.

He insisted that Tinubu is unsuited for the position of president and that there are clear indicators to support this.

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“Having ill leaders has caused a great deal of suffering for our nation. The Vice President rose to speak as a result.
“Medical examinations of American presidents are made public. Allow Tinubu to receive medical care from Nigerian doctors in the hospital and then make the results public.

We are dealing with the lives of millions of people, Utomi continued.

The eminent economist added that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo would have made a better candidate and that the ruling party, the APC, erred by not choosing him as a candidate.

Yemi, the vice president, would have been a suitable candidate. You can tell Tinubu is sick. Common, let’s be honest, let’s not kill ourselves, he said.

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