Labour Party (LP) has accused the Presidential candidate of the governing All Progressives Congress (APC) Bola Tinubu and his camp of plans to assassinate Peter Obi, LP’s Presidential flag bearer.

LP said that Tinubu and his handlers have become “jittery and totally frightened enough” of Obi’s nationwide acceptance following “the various States’ Peter Obi one-million-man rallies that have been recording very huge successes across the nation.”

A statement by the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Comrade Arabambi Abayomi while referring to a recent allegation by APC Presidential Spokesman, Festus Keyamo who accused Obi of stage-managing an attempt at his life, said that the governing party “has indirectly warned all Nigerians that a plan to assassinate Peter Obi by the APC is on the way.”

The statement also stated that “No one is confused by the APC through Festus Keyamo’s open pre-crime alibi. No one is fooled enough to buy into the very sadistic attempt to create a confusing narrative ahead of committing a felony.”

It reads in part, “The attention of Labour party has once again been drawn to the most bizarre and unprecedented desperation of APC led administration through their presidential Campaign Spokeperson, Mr Festus Keyamo who raises false narratives about our party presidential candidate Mr Peter Gregory Obi of an attempt to fake a self assassination attempt against his own life.

“Labour party considered this devilish act by the APC presidential spokesman as not only deceitful but a subtle way to gain unmerited sympathy in their bogus attempt at employing crude primitive tactics clandestinely in order to win the 2023 presidential election through fraudulent means.

“Festus Keyamo’s provocative and highly disparaging insinuation against our Presidential candidate would have been ignored with its puerile contents but it’s expedient to set the record straight for the benefits of the public and our party members

“Festus Keyamo in a fabricated and very misleading press statement claimed he was responding to a non-existent false rumour that Peter Obi plans to “stage – manage” an “assassination attempt” on himself is alarming and very frightening and it leaves no room to doubt the implications of the claim as it is like a self-confession by the APC in its plan to assassinate the LP Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi.

No one is confused by the APC through Festus Keyamo’s open pre-crime alibi. No one is fooled enough to buy into the very sadistic attempt to create a confusing narrative ahead of committing a felony.”

The opposition party reminded Keyamo of Section 33(1) of the constitution, insisting that “Every person has a right to life, and no one shall be deprived intentionally of his life, save in execution of the sentence of a court in respect of a criminal offence of which he has been found guilty in Nigeria.”

This is as it urged the Inspector General of Police to open an investigation into “Mr Festus Keyamo’s unlawful and treasonable activities and conducts likely to cause a breach of peace and anarchy in our Country so that this ugly trend can be nipped in the bud as well as possible prosecution in the court of Law.”

“LP is aware of the level of enormous defeat across the national political and electoral frustrations the APC has been made to reap as a result of the Peter Obi phenomenon depicted by the unprecedented support for Peter Obi that has since become a National Movement of the people

LP sees the forced self-confession of the APC about the conspiracy being floated by the APC to assassinate the most popular and supported people’s preferred and loved 2023 Presidential Candidate, as yet another proof of God’s involvement with the Peter Obi Candidacy.”

It noted that it is the responsibility of the security agencies to ensure that all the candidates are truly secured.

“President Muhammadu Buhari must now as a matter of urgency direct the service chiefs to place Festus Keyamo and other APC presidential Campaign members and supporters on a security watch list as they are now a threat to democracy ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Finally, the APC should do well to understand that the violence-propelled politics of the old has no room in today’s Nigeria but should rather focus on how to exit Nigeria as the poverty capital of the world before the end of their inglorious tenure,” the statement emphasized.

However, a lot of Nigeria’s took to social media to vent their mind of the statement made by Kayamo. A prominirent media personality and colunmnist Agunze Azuka Onwuka wrote on his facebook page  ‘I have been worried about these evil and desperate people over the 2023 election. This irresponsible statement by Keyamo has doubled my worry.

‘’I hope #PeterObi does not continue to assume that he is dealing with people who think like him and take life as easy as he does. I saw William Ruto of Kenya wear bullet-proof vests during public appearances until he was declared the winner of the election. PO should start wearing bullet-proof vests.’’

He needs to be in  bullet-proof car always. He needs to triple his security. He needs to reduce on the photos and personal touch with the masses. Desperate people can do anything. This statement by Keyamo is ominous. It is worrisome.

@Francis Duru, I can also interpret Kayamo’s statement to mean that he has his own plans against Obi.

@ Okey King, In a serious country this Kayamo’s should be questioned.

@ Natty Isala, Obi’s great chance of winning the 2023 election as it does appear is a real threat to the ruling party as shown by their reactions to Obi’s growing popularity.

@J.C. Anene, Obi should be more careful. APC is desperate. Instead APC to sell their program Nigerians they are busy attacking Obi. But I have often told them that their strategy has become obsolete. It worked with Jonathan but can’t work with Obi.

@Jimmy Abia My own is that Obi should take his security very seriously.

@Ozioma Okorochukwu For saying this, Keyamo should be personally held responsible if anything happens to Mr. Obi. Be it an accident or attempted assassination. We are watching.

@Akinwale Ogunkua ,Keyamo should be arrested and interrogated for knowledge about a planned assassination attempt whether fake or not. His utterance and demeanor says a lot about his covert plans.

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