Benue Insecurity: Group Accuses SGF , Loyalists of Sponsoring crisis, propaganda

….Says there are political consequences

…Calls for SGF to account for N500M approved for inauguration of Committee

The Civil Society and Mass Media Organizations (CSOMED)has accused Sen George Akume of Stockpiling funds acquired through illegitimate means to fight Gov Alia for the control of political resources in the state. The group insisted that it was now common knowledge that Sen George Akume has turned himself into the greatest obstacle and opposition to the administration of Fr Dr Hyacinth Alia in apparent protests for the governor refusal to advance state resources to private pockets.
“The group while accusing the SGF if dividing the party warned him to be mindful of his position in order not to loss it to bad politics.

In a joint statement signed by Comrade Peter Sende , the group expressed displeasure with the collective desperation by the SGF and his loyalists to undermine the authority of the governor in the state in a desperate bid to control state resources and teleguide the governor “They have demonstrated their hostility in many ways, through actions, words and body language ‘..

Only recently the former party chairman in the person of Austin Agada and another loyalists of the SGF, one Mahias Ibuan , who was recently appointed as Executive Director in the Federal Housing Authority had breached the peace of the state in clear violation of the governor’s directive ” Shortly afterwards we saw videos wherein Mr Ibuan boasted of stock piling funds and being appointed by the SGF to challenge the authority of the governor ” all this happens with the imprimatur of the SGF.

Despite His Excellency Governor Hyacinth Alia’s efforts to contain these excesses, we are disturbed by emerging plots by the SGF and his loyalists to create insecurity in some parts of the state to undermine the governor. ” Evidence has already started coming from the recent killing of over (45) people in Ukum Local government by local bandits; which incident, Sen Emmanuel Udende , a known loyalist of Akume misrepresented to the Senate just to embarrass the governor. For political convenience, Sen Udende failed to reveal that the killings were actually caused by a rival clash between local bandits, most of whom are relatives of Sen Udende “We want the world to know what is going on in the state so as to hold the people responsible for their actions.

While we confirm the unfortunate influx of herdsmen into the state we make bold to state that most of killings are motivated and sponsored by political actors to haunt the Governor” it is not a coincidence that all the attacks are going on in constituencies represented by loyalists of the SGF who have openly attacked the governor at different times” we have credible intelligence on activities of evil representatives ”

“We commend the efforts of His Excellency on the implementation of the state Anti -open grazing law and other proactive security measures put in place despite internal sabotage by the SGF and his group.

The group while commenting on allegations of corruption against the SGF called on the President to audit the office of the Secretary to the government of the Federation to redeem it’s image following the leaked N500M memo purportedly approved for regular inauguration of a committee by the SGF”Perhaps Sen Goerge Akume may be using illegally acquired funds to sponsor insecurity in the state”

The group urged president Tinubu to advise Sen George Akume to focus on his duties as Secretary to the Government of Federation and desist from all acts of sabotage or resign from office.
The group expressed disappointment in the conduct of the SGF and threatened to mobilize Benue people to protest at the villa to demand for Sen George Akume replacement.

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