The Western Naval Command of the Nigerian Navy, has welcomed a team of the French Navy for a joint military exercise which is aimed at promoting bilateral relations between the naval operations of both countries.

Speaking at the event, the French commander of the team of the French Navy Ship MiSTRAL said they are in the country to be part of operation crocodile lift, an exercise is in its’ second edition and it is aimed at promoting security to combat sea crimes such as human trafficking,illegal fishing, sea piracy, illegal bunkering activities and such other acts.

He further said that the French Navy has been in joint operations with the Navies of African countries around the gulf of Guinea to ensure safety and security along the route.

The Chief Staff Officer of the Western Naval Command, Rear Admiral Jonathan Mamman, also spoke on the joint exercise as one that fosters mutual goals for both countries.

He said that through port calls, exchange of ideas, training of personnel to hone their skills, and combating sea crimes, it is mutually beneficial to both Nigeria’s Navy and the French Navy. Regular joint operations between the Nigerian Navy and other countries Navies are carried out regularly.

Concluding, he said that the French Navy is also part of the treaty to the grand African memo which serves to build up partnerships between African navies and that of other nations.

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