The 26th day of June every year, is designated by the United Nations as the international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

One of the lead advocates in Nigeria against the use of illicit drugs in sports and youth, the Chioma Ajunwa Foundation, joined in this world wide event by convening at the Police College Ikeja, Lagos to sensitize stakeholders on this emerging national problem.

Speaking to the convener and founder of the Chioma Ajunwa Foundation, DCP Chioma Ajunwa- Opara(mon) at the event, she said that the foundation is known for its’ strong advocacy against the use of drugs in sports and by youths.

She lamented that that illicit drug use is a problem in Nigeria and globally by sportsmen. She revealed that her own challenge in her hey days as a sportsman who had a doping problem, led her to establish the foundation so as to be a guide and mentorship group to help and support upcoming younger sportsmen to embrace their careers without resorting to use performance enhancing drugs, and ruin their future by doing so.
She also pointed out that the use of illicit drugs is endemic in our society and encouraged by members of the society. Therefore, the is the need for mass sensitization to tackle the use of illicit drugs in our society and the world at large.

Speaking further, DCP Chioma Ajunwa-Opara (mon), said that students and young people are easily swayed into using illicit substances like tramadol, cannabis sativa, colos, etc but when this message is shared to them at their young stage, there is a strong chance they will not be easily mislead.

She advised all stakeholders to push the campaign against illicit drugs by word of mouth, using the tee-shirts printed for the event to share a message that would be retained.

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