The CLEEN Foundation, has held a roundtable session with key stakeholders in the security sphere to address the existing frameworks on mediation and its’ practice in Nigeria.

Speaking at the event, the Executive Director Of CLEEN Foundation, Mr. Gad Peter, who was represented by the programme Manager of the foundation, Chigozirim Okoro, said that the organization has been duly engaged in the areas of public safety and security for over two decades, hence it was an opportunity for them to gather stakeholders in the mediative and security sectors to understand the rising contemporary challenges in their work and how to respond to these issues with the dynamics of social change.

He further said that conflict resolution in today’s world and in our society are no longer rudimentary and traditional thus, there is a need to recognize the impending complexities and proffer lasting solutions and tailor them to an ever emerging society.

The experience of the stakeholders and CLEEN Foundation, is a platform that encourages exchange of knowledge and uses it as a tool for innovation in the procedural and practical aspects of conflict resolution.

Also, the interfacing of security agencies and mediation practitioners at the session, is a viable means of collaboration that brings better insights into uniqueness of conflicts and the best methods to partner effectively, for long lasting solutions that will be used as precedent on issues and how it would aid the building of an assured and secure future in the country.

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