A group of human rights and gender based activists have gathered in Lagos to address the recent conviction of Dr. Femi Olaleye, a self acclaimed cancer expert who serially raped his wife’s niece and several other women who were his victims in the course of his medical examinations on them.

The groups also applauded government, security agencies, the media and all stakeholders who made it possible that justice was carried out appropriately and that the victims can have the sense of closure on their cases.

The GENDER-BASED activists who were on the forefront of the Olaleye case from inception, were pleased that cases involving human rights abuse, gender based violence, child abuse and all forms of abuse now are protected by law to punish offenders and protect the vulnerable.

At a press conference in Lagos, spokesperson for the activists, barrister ADESHINA ogunlana said the coalition group will continue to push for , Fairness, Equity and justice through true course of justice .

He further said that government representatives and agencies should behave responsibly
because they are employed to serve the people and not the people to serve them.

Barrister ogunlana was also enthusiastic about the record breaking conviction and spoke on the need for victims of abuse to speak out and that in cases where children were involved, their families should also speak up or face the brunt of the law.


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