Beauty they say, runs skin deep. For many beauty enthusiasts, one of the focal points of attraction and enhancements is the Lip. Well cared for Lips get one easily spotted because it showcases the mouth.

With the harsh weather conditions and our tropical climate, it is quite difficult to get the right set of Lip care products that are specially made for our weather and unique skin.

Uyeni Beauty, has unveiled an amazing line of Lip glosses that are for all round complete Lip care. The unique product is not only for glossing the Lips by giving them a healthy shine but it also hydrates and moisturizes. With a combination of Vitamin E and sweet almond oil, when applied, it is long lasting, helps get rid of dry Lips and also prevents chapped Lips.

Uyeni Beauty Lip Gloss comes in four shades that are fun to use while keeping the Lips completely soft and supple all day long.

The Lip gloss can be ordered directly from Uyeni Beauty on Instagram @uyenibeauty and also on TikTok @uyenibeauty or call to speak with a sales person on 08026492488.

There’s no better way to keep Lips healthy, supple and beautiful than using Uyeni Beauty Lip gloss.

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