The Edo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has expressed concern about the state government’s renewed plan to demolish the Central Hospital in Benin and turn it into a motor park.

This was stated in a statement signed by Victor Osehobo, Assistant State Publicity Secretary, on Monday.

“In October, our party, the All Progressives Congress in Edo State, raised the alarm over the planned demolition of the Central Hospital in Benin City by the PDP government led by Governor Godwin Obaseki, with a plot to convert this over 100-year-old legacy asset of all Edo people into a motor park,” according to the statement.

“The APC saw no logic in the government’s justification for demolishing the hospital, which is to make way for an ultra-modern motor park to relieve congestion in the city center and, in turn, generate additional revenue for the state.” We referred to this type of thinking as “weird.”

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“This is because no right-thinking government would prefer to replace a viable health facility with a motor park, which it should equip and staff to better cater to the people’s well-being.”

“The Edo State Government’s response that it was merely transforming rather than demolishing the hospital because most of its facilities were now obsolete and unsuitable for modern-day medical service delivery was false.

“It stated that the Central Hospital would be relocated to the Stella Obasanjo Hospital, which would be expanded and improved in order to provide quality health care.

“As it stands, Governor Obaseki is hell-bent on razing the same Central Hospital.” However, his predecessor in office, Adams Oshiomhole, saw the need to transform the Central Hospital in Benin City some years ago and undertook the task of remodeling and reconstructing a large portion of the hospital while in office, as well as equipping it with world-class facilities.

“The APC has it on good authority that the hospital has been stripped bare and that bulldozers are preparing to demolish it.” Our party will not allow the government’s unpatriotic efforts to continue because they have the potential to destroy the fortunes of generations of Edo children.

“As a party, we are convinced that the current demolition plot, which is part of the PDP government’s multiple schemes to ‘Make Edo Grounded Again,’ must come to an end.”

“We demand that the plan to demolish the Central Hospital be abandoned immediately and unconditionally.”

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