The annual Autism Conference has over the years shaped a community of people with a shared commitment to create better outcomes for those who find themselves in the margins of society because they are deemed different from what the world defines as normal.

Segun Agbaje Group Chief Executive Officer GTCO PLC said in his welcome address that, ” I’m delighted to welcome everyone present in-person and all those joining us virtually to the 12th edition of the GTCO Autism Conference.

Your continued show of support and active participation in our annual conference greatly encouraging.

Now in the 2nd decade,the annual Autism Conference has over the years shaped a community of people with a shared commitment to create better outcomes for those who find themselves in the margins of society because they are deemed different from what the world defines as normal.
While much has been consciousness around Autism and to improve the available system for managing developmental disorders , I strongly believe that we can do more individually and collectively to create and uphold a culture of inclusion towards people with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)to enable them to reach their full potential.

The theme for this year’s conference;” creating a community of Awe-Tism Advocates” seeks to highlight the issue of social isolation of persons with Autism spectrum disorder whilst calling for all of us to do more in showing practical support for the special group of persons by adopting a mindset of inclusion.
Beyond helping those with ASD directly,their family and primary caregivers stand to benefit from our growing.

Community of “Awe-Tism Advocates”as having the support of friends outside the family circle and frequent engagement in community activities are proven measure to proven measures to providing substantial relief.
In following our usual arrangement ,the programme will arrangement,the programme will include a series of panel discussions and Keynote presentations by globally renowed autism specialists.

For us at GTCO we appreciate diversity in the Range of capability

Solape Azazi,an advocate for people living with ASD and the executive Director &founder of Cradle Lounge, a holiday club for all children to explore their creativity through arts and craft ,said in her interview,that , ” Autism is a neurological disorder that affects your developmentmental milestone Basically.

Autism could come in different forms that is why is called spectrum disorder no two austistics children are the same.

“They come in a range of symptoms you might have you might have met Autistic Child that will not have symptoms as the next Autistic Child.
Attention Dheficy Disorder.

She added that, ” Some Autistics Children has ADHD where the attention span .
They loose interest quickly in things.

” We also have syndrome that has survance syndrome,they are highly intelligent.

” The pick things immediately they have a photographic memory.

” Basically that is what Autism is.

” As of today this minute there is no cure for Autism or evidence based cure for Autism.

” Early signs of Autism are social interaction and social Communications of the child.

“There is no treatment ,however there intervention that can be advised to children people living with Autism to help manage the different aspects of behaviour and characteristics that show in the Autism matters to help give that child or individual an improve quality in life.

” Parents and caregivers mostly suspect their child is on the Autism spectrum.

They should have a talk with their child indeficia and from there the child indeficia would then identified with if the child meets the criteria for Autism diagnosis and there would be effective multidisciplinary professionals who would then Ned using the different tools available to be able to take them for diagnosis if the child has Autism .

She Stated that, ” They would advised their parents to intervene for the child to be able to ensure that the child has a good quality life.

” Autism is regarded as Neuro developmental disability that affects the child social interaction,that affects the child Communications,and behaviour.

” Sometimes it shows the reputative behavior of the child,it shows the way the child plays or interact with the environment.
They are both disorder but they are different disorders,they are totally different.

” There is no cure for Autism.

” You can only help to try and improve the symptoms of somebody living with Autism but there is actually no cure for Autism.

” Autism is not a disease or illness.
It is not something that you can I’ll.

” So there is no correction,there is nothing like correction during pregnancy,you can only managed it.

” I have a child living with Autism I know that some of the symptoms I noticed he wasn’t responding to his name.

” You have to checkout developmental milestones at each age.
As a parent you have to be very observant .
You have to be very watchful.

” When you see that your child is not meeting up with any developmental milestone .

“You have every right to go to pediatrician and seek help and find out if everything is fine”. She Concluded

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