Gvest Global, a cooperative multipurpose society held a dinner meeting to fete investors and mentees at the Red Restaurant of Eko Hotel in Lagos, to appreciate their loyalty and support to the group.

The event which was well attended by investors, mentees and pressmen was an opportunity for Gvest Global to promote their products and services and also, to give awareness of how the brand has helped many mentees to be financially empowered and to have a stake in the group.

There was an open interaction with guests who gave accolades of what their investments in the company have been able to do in their businesses and personal lives.

Many attested to the incentives, promotions, packages and opportunities that have been availed to them on the auspices of the platform through the right investments and business plans that they keyed into.

A good number of investors and mentees, were able to showcase, through their fast growing businesses, how they also been able to impact on other people’s financial growth by introducing them to the wide array of investments the group offers and some others by being able to employ people under their own established companies.

Speaking during the feedback session, the chairman of Gvest Global, Dr. Stephen Akintayo, spoke on the steady and consistent rise of the company through the right partnerships and taking well calculated business risks that have paid off over time.

He said that the key factor for Gvest Global being able to survive in the competitive market, was building a legacy of trust and having a policy of utmost good faith. He also spoke on how collaborations with the media, would enhance the group being thrust into the spotlight for better traction and not giving into bad reportage that would cast aspersions and give the company a bad image.

Other representatives who are employees of the group, spoke on how they have been able to ride on Dr. Stephen Akintayo’s legacy to establish themselves in their industry and rise meteorically through the ranks because he gave them the opportunities and pedestal to improve and independently take control of their portfolios to work effectively and efficiently.

The high point of the event was the buffet dinner which was done in grand style and giving of gifts to all guests in attendance.

Guests also had a great opportunity to network amongst themselves as a lot of possible collaborations could happen with interacting with people in the right business space.

Gvest Global, a cooperative multipurpose society is Africa’s first fractional real estate investment company that is centred around a digital cooperative that offers fractional real estate ownership schemes on naira, pounds and dollar platforms for the investors preferences and what is easily affordable to them.

The schemes have certified Return On Investments that are paid out yearly. Capital invested in any of the schemes are withdrawable at the end of the chosen tenure, while Return On Interest, occurs annually.

Gvest Global also sees the need for flexibility for customers, so there is an easy go-to app that can be easily downloaded for real-time updates, investment plans and ready monitoring of the investors accounts and portfolios.

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