Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr. Kadri Obafemi Hamzat has charged newly admitted students of the University of Lagos, Akoka to be focused, self-discipline, carve for success and abstain from all forms of social vices that may hinder their progress as they pursue their various programmes in the institution.

Dr. Hamzat gave the advice in his paper titled, “Preparing for Today to safeguard your future’s aspiration and goals” at the 2023/2024 Orientation and Matriculation Programme for Fresh UTME and Direct Entry Students held at the school campus in Akoka.

“As you embark on the academic voyage, you should avoid pitfalls first-year students often fall prey to, as it is easy to become overwhelmed by the challenges, distractions, and temptations to take shortcuts”, he admonished.

He listed such pitfalls to include; spending too much time on social media, frequent skipping of classes; taking too many extracurricular activities, procrastination of registration and annual faculty clearance; projects and class assignments; failure to ask for aid from fellow students or even lecturers as the situation may call for such and attachment to wrong mindset they had in secondary school, amongst others.

Speaking further, the deputy governor therefore charged them to ensure that they understand the significance of preparing for today to safeguard the dreams they hold for tomorrow. He stressed that there is a need for them to know that as they prepare for today, they are safeguarding the limitless possibilities that tomorrow holds and that their actions today set the stage for the realization of their future aspirations and goals.

The Deputy Governor said, “Today marks the commencement of a journey for each of you, one that intertwines present efforts with a tapestry of future aspirations and goals. Please note that, in the journey of life, our goals and aspirations serve as guiding stars, illuminating us towards a fulfilling and purposeful existence. For you to ensure that these dreams materialize, it is essential for you to adopt a proactive approach in preparing for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead”, he said.

In adhering to the above, Dr. Hamzat said they must not misuse the unfettered liberty and freedom they now have in the university by joining or mingling with bad gangs or groups, which may hinder them from achieving their dreams and aspirations; but rather, use the freedom to unleash their potentials and do the right thing to be great.

“You are aware of the drug epidemic in Nigeria and across the world. The question is will you allow the “freedom” you have in this institution to join that group of those that might fall by the wayside by mingling with a bad group, or you will take the freedom to unleash your potential to do the right thing? My point is, don’t allow yourself to be pulled down by any pressure. You must not derail from the ultimate goal of attending this great institution.

Besides, you must remember; what did you promise your parents before you gained admission? To be a responsible student, dedicated to your studies with the hope of becoming a better person in life? I assume so. If that were the case, work hard and let honesty be your watchword.” he said.

He also charged them to shun acts and behaviours that are detrimental to positive development, saying “You should note that hardwork pays and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t rest on your oars. Always yearn for greatness as our tomorrow is sure and brighter.

Hamzat further admonished them to understand that their time at the university is a unique opportunity for them to acquire the needed skills and knowledge that will not only propel them for a greater and better future and success but also where they can contribute to the growth and development of the nation.

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