Charges Commanders to Entrench Diligence, Professionalism, Clamp Down on Extortion

In a commitment to bolstering professionalism and ensuring robust policing nationwide, the Inspector General of Police, IGP Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun, Ph.D., NPM, on Tuesday 19th December, 2023 at the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Peacekeeping Hall, Force Headquarters, Abuja, addressed tactical commanders during a recent gathering. The IGP underscored the importance of regular training and supervision as key elements in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the force.

During the address, the IGP charged commanders of the Police Mobile Force (PMF), Border Patrol Force (BPF), and Safer Highway Patrol Teams, to entrench diligence and professionalism in the ranks, emphasizing the need for continuous learning and skill development to keep pace with evolving challenges in law enforcement. He highlighted that ongoing training programs are essential to equipping officers with the latest techniques and strategies for effective policing.

In his directive, IGP Egbetokun stressed the imperative of strong leadership in each command, calling on tactical commanders to take proactive measures in clamping down on extortion within their jurisdictions. He emphasized that eliminating any form of corruption or misconduct is paramount to building and maintaining public trust.

In a related engagement, the IGP held productive meetings with representatives from amongst the Retired Senior Police Officers, Police Veterans Foundation, and the Association of Retired Police Officers of Nigeria (ARPON) at the IGP Conference Hall, Force Headquarters, Abuja. These interactions provided a valuable platform for exchanging insights and experiences, fostering collaboration between active and retired members of the Force.

The IGP expressed gratitude for the invaluable contributions of police veterans and retirees, recognizing their wealth of experience as a valuable resource for ongoing efforts to enhance professionalism within the police force.

The Inspector General of Police reaffirmed the commitment of the force to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. He urged commanders to foster a culture of discipline, accountability, and responsibility among their subordinates, reinforcing the principles of community-oriented policing.


19th December, 2023

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