By Oluwatope Lawanson

Dr Mustapha Abdullahi, Convener of The Asiwaju Group (TAG) and Deputy Chairman, APC UK has urged Nigerian youths to take advantage of President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda, on the occasion of the 2023 International Youth Day (IYD).

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the 2023 UN International Youth Day celebrated worldwide on Saturday is tagged: “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World”.

Congratulating the Nigerian youths in a message on Sunday to commemorate the IYD, Abdullahi said the idea behind the 2023 edition’s theme was not far-fetched, ” in a world that is faced with emissions and climate change.”

Lauding Nigerian youths for their courage, tenacity and resilience, Abdullahi said globally, the day was set aside by the United Nations to recognise youths’ impact and importance as propellers to drive positive change all over the world.

“Your impact in instituting the necessary tools and institutions to combat the threats that face us all is fundamentally germane.

“Hence, the need for tapping into your skills to engender a sustainable and habitable humanity.

“We must, therefore, celebrate you, your courage, your skills, your tenacity of purpose and your radical temperament to enforce changes when the need be.

“I must commend your resilience, doggedness and result-driven passion in whatever you choose to embark upon,” Abdullahi, an Oil and Gas expert said.

He said that without the youths’ contribution to the global economy, the world would have been a hell on earth to live.

Abdullahi said: “This is why it is very important that the danger our world faces today has you as the ‘Saviour’ to stem the tide of extinction that stirs us in the face.

“As a fulcrum for development that you all are, the world awaits your interest and readiness to unleash that God-given talents of yours to make positive changes and make our world a better place.”

He advised Nigerian youths to imbibe, the ” can do spirit”.

“Our world today needs you more than ever. We want to tap into your skills in this technologically-driven age. We want your expertise in this age of Acquired Intelligence.

“And we believe you have a lot to offer as the world grapples with the new order,” he added.

He said the decision of Tinubu’s leadership to give more space for the youths was not by happenstance.

According to him, it is a deliberate decision because he believes so much in youths driving the necessary positive changes the nation needs to revamp.

“You must, therefore, prove yourselves as worthy partners in driving a new Nigeria hinged upon greater future and shared prosperity. You must eschew violence, jettison crimes and embrace high moral rectitude.

“You must channel your skills toward adventures that will better foster the image of Nigeria across the globe. You must represent your fatherland well and protect her image with all your strength.

“With your readiness, let Nigeria’s image soar high in the comity of Nations. With you as the beacon of hope, a new Nigeria is possible,” he said. NAN

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