Jennifer Nwosu, a humanist to the core is passionate about people and has always had a mantra that one good deed can change the world.

With a background in law and experience in administration, broadcasting on television and online radio and media platforms, she strives to make an impact and leaves a mark of excellence wherever she goes.

Jennifer is versatile as she handles public speaking, writing, communications with ease. As one who is always ready to work with people for just causes, she has delved into shows that speak on public safety, good governance, wholesome entertainment and reaching out to individuals who have had issues in dealing with victims of abuse and even survivors of abuse.

As she steps into ACVPN, she definitely will bring new angles, expertise and in her own words, ” one good deed that can change the world.”

A lover of dogs, rare historical works, books and music, her passion is commiting to what she does with all her energy.

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