Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu today hosted the Estonian Slack Liner and World Record Holder, Jaan Roose.

The Deputy Governor, Dr. Kadri Obafemi Hamzat who received the athlete on behalf of the governor at his official residence Osborne-Ikoyi, stated that the recent walk on rope across the bridge and train tracks in Lagos State yesterday, holding the Nigerian Flag by Jaan Roose depicts that nothing is impossible once one sets his mind to achieve it.

Hamzat added that the event is a great lesson to all Nigerians especially the youths. He said “the lesson learnt from the event is that whatever you want to do, once you set your mind, you can do it, though there might be challenges but once you set your mind on it you can achieve it”.

He added that the slack liner is “a human being like everyone else with two hands but he was determined to do what he wants to do and he is doing it”.

The deputy governor further advised that Nigerians should not to focus on the problems or issues but on the goal to be achieved.

He therefore commended the Estonian slack liner for showcasing the state during the slacked rope climbing as a lot of people are still not aware of the operation of the blue rail in Lagos.

Sharing his Lagos State slack lining experience, Jaan Roose described it as a wonderful experience and could not have been achieved without the help of his teammates.

He added that “I keep saying that I cannot do it alone as someone needs to film me and others keep the thumbs up, as I always need their support up there”.

Speaking on his experience in Lagos State, he stated that he saw Lagos from the best angle, adding that he was able to see the different transportation system, the road, rail and sea. He emphasized that Lagos city has really advanced and keeps pushing through the boundaries, “I commend the government for that” he said.


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