A land broker, Mr Kingsley Nwankwo has been arrested and remanded by the Lagos police following allegations of conducting himself in a manner likely to cause breach of peace by making slanderous publications and libelous statements on social media against Gtext Homes and its Chairman Dr Stephen Akintayo.



The magistrate court document reads, “That you Kingsley Nwankwo ‘M’ on or before August 2021 at GTEXT Homes at No 25A Lola Holoway Street, Ikeja, Lagos, did conduct yourself in a manner likely to cause breach of peace by making slanderous publications and libelous statements on Social Media against one Dr Stephen Akintayo and his Gtext Homes thereby causing him irreparable loss before his clients running to millions of Naira and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 168(d) of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State Nigeria.”


The suspect, Kingsley Nwankwo, who was brought from custody to the court with other offenders under heavy armed guard, was returned to custody after his trial was fixed to commence on 12 to 14th February, 2024.


Recall that a petition had officially been filed by Gtext Homes against Mr Kingsley Nwankwo, alleging slanderous publications and libelous statements made on social media and via blogs targeting both the company and its chairman.


The petition successfully passed approval with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) giving the green light for legal proceedings.


The case has been assigned to the Magistrate Court in Ikoyi, where a preliminary hearing took place.


He was arraigned on November 29, 2023.


During the preliminary hearing, Kingsley Nwankwo, who had earlier been arrested for his alleged campaign of calumny, was granted bail by the presiding Magistrate Mcdavies Amore, contingent upon the fulfilment of specific bail conditions, which sources state he couldn’t fulfil.


Nwankwo had gone on what can best be described as a social media rampage by sponsoring stories, articles and posts targeted at tarnishing the company’s image.


While the case continues to unfold, it is noteworthy that the Nigerian police is beginning to take steps to ensure the safety of businesses and its owners both online and offline, just as evidenced by the swift arrest and prosecution of Nwankwo.


This is all to help business owners targeted by mischief makers seek legal redress in a timely manner.

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