By Christian ABURIME

In his almost two years as Governor of Anambra State, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, has made remarkable strides towards realizing his vision of a livable and prosperous homeland for all.

Guided by the pillars of security and economic transformation, his administration has undertaken monumental governance reforms, infrastructure projects, and human capital initiatives that are already bearing bountiful fruits across the state.

A prime example is the long-stalled government housing development in the state capital of Awka, which lay dormant for over 30 years.

Governor Soludo has infused new life into this project, moving decisively to complete a proper, modern government house and governor’s lodge befitting of 21st century Anambra.

His commitment to legislative progress is also reflected in the already completed facelift of the State House of Assembly complex, which will provide a functional, dynamic space for the people’s representatives.

Yet his most ambitious endeavour is the birth of a new Awka Capital Territory on approximately 250 hectares of recently acquired land.

Envisioning an extraordinary urban development, Governor Soludo has signed public-private partnerships with seven leading companies, three of which have already broken ground.

This venture promises to transform Awka into a modern, economically vibrant nerve centre that will drives prosperity for all Ndi Anambra.

With his holistic vision, swift reforms, and mega-projects already underway across security, infrastructure, housing, commerce and beyond, Professor Soludo has demonstrated profound leadership in charting a course towards the livable and prosperous homeland that Ndi Anambra desire and deserve.

The fruits of his first 23 months in office augur well for Anambra’s future as one of Nigeria’s leading states to watch out for! Especially by investors looking for conducive business environment to invest their money. Anambra under Governor Soludo is calling!

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