Commodore MM Braimah, Commander of NNS WEY, has officially handed over suspects caught in illegal activities along the Kiri-Kiri/Satellite Town Coastal axis, with substances suspected to be diesel.

In his statement, Commodore Braimah emphasized the Nigerian Navy’s mandate to maintain a safe and secure environment conducive to economic and social development. He reported that his men apprehended the suspects in the early hours of Sunday, June 30, 2024, with the illegal substances. Commodore Braimah highlighted that the Navy’s role is to identify and detain criminals, handing them over to the appropriate prosecuting bodies for further investigation and potential prosecution.

During a brief interview, one of the suspects, alleged to be the owner of the illegal products, claimed ignorance regarding the source of the vessel and her contacts. She mentioned that she had been involved in the business for less than a year, using hoses to siphon diesel from a vessel, and admitted that she was not operating a registered business.

Ade Agidi, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of the Kirikiri Police Division, Lagos State Police Command, stated that the suspects would face prosecution following further investigation for economic sabotage.

The Nigerian Navy’s actions underscore their commitment to combating illegal activities and ensuring the safety and security of Nigeria’s coastal regions.

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