By Raji Rasak

Badagry (Lagos State), Aug. 29, 2023 (NAN) The Forward Operating Base of Nigerian Navy, Badagry on Tuesday handed over 13 sacks of cannabis sativa worth N5,500,000 and one suspect to National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Badagry.

Speaking on the arrest, Navy Captain Adams Aliu, the Commanding Officer, Forward Operating Base, Badagry said the arrest of the items were on Aug.24 and 27 at different places in Badagry

“On Aug.24, at about 10.00.p.m, the Base quick response team acting on intelligent report raided some hideout at Ashipa, in Seme border.

“We discovered a particular building where cannabis sativa is being brought in from Benin Republic and then distributed.

“One suspect was arrested with four sacks of cannabis sativa,” he said.

Adams-Aliu stated that on Aug.27, the team apprehended 9 sacks of cannabis sativa valued at N5m.

“Another different raid on Aug.27 at about 2.30.p.m., the team seized another 9 sacks of cannabis sativa at a place called Akoro beach near Seme border.

“On sighting us, they fled but we were able to recover the cannabis sativa. The hard drugs were smuggled into the country from Benin Republic.

“No suspect was arrested because they ran away,” he said.

He said that the total valued of items seized worth N5,500,000.

Speaking after handing over to Chief Superintendent of Narcotics Alli Gambo, Badagry Marine,,
Adams-Aliu said this was in compliance with the tNigerian Navy Trinity of action.

According to the commanding officer, this includes surveillance, response initiatives and law enforcement.

“Our response initiative is what led to this arrest, why we are here today, which means we are in third phase of action.

“This is handing over of the suspect and the arrested items to NDLEA for them to take over the case.

“The Commanding Officer recalled that after the Chief of Naval Staff, Air-Vice Marchal E. I. Ogala was appointed in June, 2023, he came out with his strategic directive.

“CNS strategic directive no.6 of 2023, paragraph 9, states clearly that the strategic end-state of Nigeria Navy operations is to ensure a safe and secure maritime environment.

“It is not possible that criminals will have safe passage within Nigeria waters. This is a warning to all criminal element thinking that Nigeria waters can be for criminal activities,” he said.

Receiving the exhibit, Ali Gambo assured that proper investigation would be conducted by the Agency to reveal the real owner of the items

He said that whatever the outcome would determine the effect of the exhibit.

Mr Wasiu Taofeek, the suspect, said he ventured in carrying hard drugs when his house got burnt and no hope for him to feed his family.

He appealed that he would not go back to the hard drugs business if he was forgiven.

Taofeek said he was the owner of the cannabis sativa. (NAN)

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