The National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, has reported that the average cost of 5 kg of cooking gas increased from N4,456.56 in August to N4,474.48 in September.

According to its “Cooking Gas Price Watch” for September 2022, which was published on Saturday in Abuja, the price was 0.40 percent higher in September than it was in August.

It read, “On an annual basis, the price of N4,474.48 for 5Kg of gas was an increase of 86.62% over the price of N2,397.60 obtainable for the same volume in September 2021.

According to analyses of state profiles, Kwara had the highest average price for 5 kg of cooking gas at N4,950. Niger was second with a price of N4,941.67, and Adamawa was third with a price of N4,928.29.

Abia had the lowest price, which was N4,044.44, followed by Anambra and Kano State, which had prices of N4,100.00 and N4,109.67, respectively.

According to geopolitical zone analyses, the Northeast charged N4,539.41 for 5 kg of cooking gas, which was followed by the North-Central at N4,715.74.

The NBS reported that the South-South had the lowest retail price at N4,317.92.

Additionally, it stated that from N9,899.34 in August 2022 to N9,906.44 in September 2022, representing a 0.07 percent increase month-over-month, the average retail price for refilling a 12.5 kg cooking gas cylinder increased.

The price increased by 60.69% from N6,164.97 in September 2021 to the same period in September 2022 when compared on an annual basis.

According to state analyses, the report showed that the average retail price for 12.5 kg of cooking gas in Cross River was N10,937.50, with Kogi and Oyo following closely behind at N10,760 and N10,723.75, respectively.

According to the NBS, Yobe had the lowest average price, which was N8,350. Katsina and Taraba were next, with average prices of N8,545.56 and N9,025.78, respectively.

Similar to this, the price of kerosene increased to N947.30 per litre in September from N809.52 in August 2022, representing a 17.2% increase.

The average retail price per litre increased by 118.08% from N434.39 in September 2021 to N947.30 in September 2022, according to its “National Kerosene Price Watch” on a year-over-year basis.

Following Ebonyi at N1,263.89 and Cross River at N1,187.50, further analysis revealed that Enugu State had the highest average price per litre of kerosene in September 2022 at N1,272.50.

According to the data, Rivers recorded the lowest price at N686.27, followed by Bayelsa at N715.15 and Nasarawa at N735.29.

Following the Southeast with a N1,128.28 average retail price per litre of kerosene, the Southwest came in second at N1,068.18, according to analysis by zone.

According to the NBS, “The Northwest recorded the lowest average retail price at N868.89 per litre of kerosene.”


The average retail price of kerosene per gallon in September 2022 was N3,236.27, up 9.79% from the N2,947.65 recorded in August, it was further stated.

According to the report, the price rose from N1,540.82 in September 2021 to N3,236.27 in September 2022, representing a year-over-year increase of 110.04 percent.

According to state-by-state analyses, Enugu State had the highest per-gallon kerosene price at N4,052.38 and Abia had the lowest at N4,200.00. Abuja had the highest price at N4,200.00.

Borno recorded the lowest price at N2,500, according to the NBS, followed by Zamfara and Delta with N2,555.56 and N2,576.92, respectively.

According to analyses by zone, the Southeast had the highest average retail price per gallon of kerosene at N3,607.38, followed by the Southwest at N3,468.42, it was further stated.

The Northeast had the lowest price of N2,803.96 for a gallon of kerosene in September 2022, according to the report.

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