Niger Republic has been in crisis over the ousting of its’ democratic president, Mohammed Bazoum. Bazoum was elected two years ago in a peaceful transfer of power from France. On Wednesday, 26th July 2023, the military took over in a bloodless coup. Led by General Abdourahamane Tchiani, he said the security situation caused by
extremists on both civilians and the military, needed the intervention of the military as the country was spiralling into an inevitable demise.

The reasons given by the military are strong enough for the take over but taking a closer look, what is the role of the west and the calls for intervention by ECOWAS and other missions?

Niger Republic is one of the poorest African States. With the poor economy and security situation, how have security partnerships in the past with the United States, France and the European union made any impact on the small African republic?

The United States offers millions of dollars in military aid and assistance. Early in 2021, the US government said it has provided Niger with over $500 million in training programs and military assistance since 2012. Early 2023, the EU launched a $30 million military mission in Nigeria. Over 1000 service personnel from the US are in Niger Republic. Some of those involved in the coup have worked closely with the US for years. The head of Niger’s special forces and one of the coup plotters, General Moussa Salaou Barmou is one such person.

For the people of Niger and other West African States, it is about ensuring their safety especially against against religious extremists. For many in Niger, all that they have received from the west do not show signs of true democracy but rather a sickly structure and a weak attempt to foist control under the guise of democracy.

It seems that the populace favours Russia as several hundred people gathered in Niamey, the country’s capital on Thursday and were seen chanting support for Wagner and waving Russian flags.

The collaboration they expect from Russia, is it going to ensure that the much needed security and end to insurgencies in the Sahel region? Is Putin’s Russia the right ally or partner to entrust with the state of affairs of the Niger Republic? Why is there so much concern from the west? Sanctions are being placed but what will be the prize at the end of the day?
Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea, Sudan and Chad have been under military rule dbut non have been under so much fire like Niger. Basically, the region is under control and tensely prone to attacks from Islamic Jihadists and any other foreign intervention.

Niger is a prize that is so well ready to be plucked. With the rich uranium and gold deposits, have the Niger people realized that they can actually lift them send out of poverty and use Russia as a military and economic ally? The Western powers is it about defending another treasure base and plundering their resources? Is this really what it takes to make a country democratic?

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