According to Catriona Liang, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, the country is critical in Africa and remains a key ally and priority for the UK in many areas of mutual interest, including security, trade, energy transition, and climate change.

She said this at a press conference in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, while reflecting on Queen Elizabeth the II’s life.

Britain and Nigeria have had mutual diplomatic relations for many years, and both countries regard the other as a close ally.

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Catriona Liang, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, stated that Nigeria was close to the Queen’s heart until her death.
“The strength of the relationship between us and Nigeria for me one of the absolute foundation was because of the Queen in her role as being the head of the state for a while and her role as head of common wealth and now passed to her son. When I did my credentials to her in my last diplomatic assignment to Nigeria, she mentioned her love for African and love of common wealth and she mentioned her two visits to Nigeria in 1953 for twenty days visiting all over the country for the first time and in 2003 for the common wealth head of government gathering. King Charles iii the then prince of the Wales, I assures us he follows Nigeria closely and will continue to maintain the interest and affection for Nigeria as the biggest and most important country in Africa. The Queen, the King and entire family have seen the role Nigeria plays as significant and important.Her visit has inspired the amazing spirit of the people of Nigeria, it’s been very helpful to me to have that strong bond. She was passionate about Africa and the Common Wealth generally, but personally I think Nigeria had a special place in her heart”.

The High Commissioner also noted that the Late Queen will be remembered also for her huge energy and Leadership devoted to the success of the Commonwealth Family

“She took her responsibility very seriously, since the transition from the empire to the Common Wealth. She invested her huge amount of leadership and positivity energy in creating that common wealth family. We see the success of the commonwealth because people are beginning to join the Common Wealth, that’s the club that is successful and is growing from strength to strength, Her leadership has brought nations together across Africa, the Caribbean & pacific and the coast of Australia”.

Speaking on the new King, Liang said that King Charles the III remains committed to addressing the issue of climate change, same as the Queen did.

One of the things she was passionate about is the environment and climate change, the King was aware of it and has identify the importance of protecting the environment.

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King Charles is also very passionate about the environment, that’s the area of focus as we head towards COP27, we will continue to strengthen our relationship. And other areas are history of the Common Wealth. He had to modernize the commonwealth to engage the youth and know what they want.

The Remains of Queen Elizabeth the Second will be laid to rest on the 19th of September, at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle

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