The Chief of the Naval Staff Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla on
Wednesday 27th March 2024, delivered a lecture to participants of the 53rd Pakistani Navy Staff course.

The lecture which was held via zoom is another testament to the long-standing relationship between both navies.

The lecture which was titled “Challenges and Opportunities for the Nigerian Navy in the Twenty First Century” was well received and the participants of the Pakistani Navy War College (PNWC) asked relevant questions relating to the recent achievements of the NN and received more insight.

The lecture further strengthened the Nigeria-Pakistani relations in the global maritime space.

These relations are characterized by various exchange programs between both navies, for example the participants of PNWC visited Nigeria on a study tour in February 2024. During the tour they visited the Headquarters Western Naval Command and some other naval bases in Lagos area.

Similarly, there have been regular exchanges of Directing Staff (DS) between both Colleges. For instance, Cdre CU Yahaya visited the PNWC on a 2-week DS in exchange program in 2021 and in September of 2022, Commander Bashir Shazad reciprocated by spending 2 weeks at the Naval War College Nigeria. More recently, Commodore SM Tasiu of the Nigerian Navy also
spent 2 weeks in PNWC in January 2024.

These DS exchange programmes have significant impact on intellectual maritime discourse and efforts to harness the potentials of the Blue Economy for both nations. Additionally, these interactions are credible indicators of increased recognition and acceptance of the Nigerian Navy influence in the area of global maritime security.

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