In a grand celebration of the Nigerian Navy’s illustrious 68th anniversary, Rear Admiral Baratuaipri Iyalla, MD/CEO of Naval Engineering Services Limited, magnificently orchestrated the Joint Medical Rhapsody on 27 May 2024 at the Ministry of Defence premises in Moloney, Lagos.

This awe-inspiring event showcased the Navy’s unwavering dedication to corporate social responsibility and the strengthening of civil-military relations through noble outreach initiatives benefiting society.

Rear Admiral Iyalla, in his stirring opening address, passionately emphasized the critical importance of prioritizing health, setting an inspiring tone for an event wholly dedicated to the well-being of the community.

The event was graced by a distinguished assembly of senior officers, including Commodore SA Ogwu, Director of the Naval Directorate of Education, and Commodore CE Oji, Director of the Directorate of Marine Service. The highlight of the celebration was an enlightening health talk and a comprehensive medical outreach led by the illustrious Captain UI Okeke, Commander of the Naval Medical Center. Her adept medical team, consisting of doctors, nurses, and optometrists, provided exceptional care and expertise.

The Moloney community, recipients of the Medical Rhapsody’s benevolence, eagerly seized the opportunity for essential medical care, underscoring the profound and positive impact of the event.

The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks from Ag DNPF Captain MA Ahmed, followed by a commemorative group photograph, cementing the occasion as a monumental testament to the Navy’s steadfast commitment to service and community welfare.

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