The NNS BEECROFT’s Quick Response Team, under the lead of their Commander and Maritime Component Commander Operation AWATSE, Commodore Kolawole Olumide Oguntuga, has with its’ swift response to intelligence, being able to avert the potential of stowaways aboard Motor Tanker Vessel LYSIAS VALLETTA , bound for Spain.

The stowaways numbering 9, were discovered in the rudder compartment of the vessel at approximately 12:30pm on the 3rd February, 2024. The patrol team that discovered the stowaways have handed them over to the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) in accordance with existing established protocol for necessary action.

The arrested individuals include:
Christian Ikechukwu (32)- From Imo State

Dennis Commander (36)- Bayelsa State

Samson Army(24)- Bayelsa

Aribo Asiko(26)- Ondo State

Shina Folorunsho(36)- Ekiti State

Wisdom Egharevba(26)-Edo State

Okore Precious (24)- Delta State

Ndukwe Sunday(25)- Enugu State

Agor Joseph (57)-Delta State

Their detection and extraction is a move that shows that people should be informed about the life threatening situation in such conditions and it is also an aversion of possible threats to the vessel and her crew.

Once again, the quick action and response of the team of NNS BEECROFT shows the commitment of the Nigerian Navy under the Chief Of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral EI Ogalla, to securing and reinforcing a secure marital environment and also its’ constitutional role to also secure the nation’s maritime space for economic prosperity.

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