In a swift and proactive response to stall activities of economic saboteurs, NNS BEECROFT patrol team vectored by the state-of-the-art Maritime Domain Awareness Facility, the Falcone Eye Alignment, intercepted a large wooden boat on 25 October 2023 at about 0230 within Lagos anchorage.
This wooden boat laden with 8 crew, over 300 drums, pumping machines and other equipment was prevented from getting to its destination to perpetrate illegal bunkering, which could have robbed the nation of huge quantity of products for consumption by Nigerians. The timely interception by the patrol team is also commendable, as it prevented disaster associated with illegal handling of these inflatable petroleum products by unscrupulous elements.

The proactive response initiated by the patrol team further reveals the Nigerian Navy’s unwavering commitment under the leadership of the Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral EI Ogalla, towards safeguarding vital resources as well as effective safety of live and property particularly within the maritime domain.

According to the Commander NNS BEECROFT, Commodore KO Oguntuga, handing over the suspected economic saboteurs to the appropriate agency for investigation and prosecution, would further send a strong message that the Nigerian Navy remains resolute at effective ocean governance by ensuring the full weight of the law is meted on perpetrators of maritime crimes, which is necessary to sustain economic prosperity of the nation. He also gave names of the arrested individuals as:

Mr. Selafei Tito
Mr. Seba Hunton
Mr. Etieni Abibu
Mr. Ahousansou Lawlent
Mr. Oke Job
Mr. Abel Yede
Mr. Matiye Husa
Mr. Husa Hungha

He also stated that the arrested persons would be properly interrogated to expose their motives and identities of likely sponsors in the course of the investigation prior to prosecution.

Visual documentation in the form of pictures and video evidence accompanies this press release, offering a clear view of the operation’s success.


Sub-Lieutenant HA Collins,
Base Information Officer
Nigerian Navy Ship BEECROFT.

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