On Monday, Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State praised his former boss, Mnenge Mtemave, for making a positive difference in his life as a conductor.

Ortom, who paid a visit to his ex-boss in Ipav, Mbadim, Gboko Local Government Area, Benue State, also congratulated the driver’s coworkers.

While growing up in Gboko town after dropping out of primary school, the governor worked as a motor conductor for Mtemave, who was a driver at the Gboko Motor Park in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Mtemave invited him to work as a conductor and later taught him how to drive, he recalled during the celebration, which was attended by his contemporaries, former boss, and their family members.

Ortom went on to say that Mtemave later made him the cashier and treasurer of all the money they made weekly, as well as giving him a blank cheque to spend as he pleased, an opportunity he never took for granted, and that he still went back to him to approve spending on his needs.
During his morning devotion, the governor said God revealed to him that he should pay a visit to, celebrate, and thank his former boss, Mtemave, for laying the groundwork for him to become who he is today.

As a result, he urged the people to never forget their humble beginnings and to remain committed to God’s service, emphasizing that they should seek formal education even as they grow older in order to improve their fortunes.

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Ortom also gave Mtemave a Hilux Van and promised to help him with any merchandise he wanted, while showering cows, pigs, bags of rice, and cash on his former colleagues and communities.

Messers Abugh Vaaswem and Aondopine Tim, speaking on behalf of the Ugbada family and former colleagues, thanked the governor for his kind gesture and prayed that God would bless him.

Mtemave, the host, expressed his gratitude to the governor for the honor bestowed upon him.

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