Police Public Relations Officers in all state commands and departments of the Nigerian Police Force have been charged by Dr. Solomon Arase, Chairman of the Police Service Commission, to make sure they are reachable by the public, including the media, and that they must be ready to answer their calls.

The chairman’s message was communicated by Ikechukwu Ani, the commission’s head of press and public relations, who stated in a statement that PPROs should serve those who are continuously looking for information if they are to have successful careers.

At the opening ceremony of the Annual Conference of Police Public Relations Officers, which was held in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Dr. Arase made this statement. Police public relations officers work at all levels, and he said that the job “is challenging and calls for dedication and commitment.”

“We have to honor the fundamental purpose of communication, which is to share common ground. The most important component of this common ground is the strong trust that citizens have in us—a trust based on the knowledge that any information we get from them is handled with the utmost confidentiality.

“Since crime has turned into a mobile enterprise, information sharing has become more important than ever.” It stated

Dr. Arase, speaking on behalf of the Commission’s Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ani, observed that the Nigeria Police Force’s management has remained committed to the Annual Conference, which gathers all of the force’s currently employed Public Relations Officers for a roundtable discussion on the Force’s information management strategy.

“We need to be proactive and not just respond to public opinion; we also need to anticipate and shape it,” he stated.

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