• President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr. Kadri Obafemi Hamzat have enjoined Nigerians to sustain and preserve the good virtues of love, empathy, harmony, endurance and sacrifice shown during the period of Ramadan beyond the Holy month.

    The duo stated this today, after observing the Eid-el-Fitr prayers held at the Dodan Barracks Praying Ground, Obalende, Lagos, noting that “though Ramadan has come and gone, the good deeds done during the Holy month should be sustained and preserved by us all.”

    The President noted that Nigerians should be kind and cheerful givers and love the country better than any other country, as Nigeria is the only country they have. “We must continue to protect the integrity of our government and leadership,” he said.

    Speaking further, President Tinubu said the ‘Renewed Hope Agenda’ is still alive, well and fine. He therefore urged Nigerians to continue to be very hopeful and have great faith in the country and themselves noting that without hope there is no salvation, development and life.

    “The Renewed Hope Agenda is still alive, well and fine and Nigerians should continue to be very hopeful. Without hope, there is no salvation. Without hope, there is no development. Without hope, there is no life. Eid Mubarak” he said.

    Also, the Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr. Kadri Obafemi Hamzat admonished Nigerians to continue the good deeds exhibited during the Ramadan fast beyond the Holy month to continue to build the nation for the benefit of all.

    Dr. Hamzat said “All our good deeds and good behaviour, empathy, love, that we show during the period of Ramadan should be continued. Though Ramadan is over, good behaviour did not leave, Ramadan has gone, but our worship and service are not gone, and taking care of our neighbours has gone nowhere. So we should sustain the good behaviour that we portray during the period of Ramadan.”

    He added that Muslims must show love and empathy to fellow Muslims, Christians and unbelievers, adding that it is not for them to judge anyone as the Prophets showed empathy to everybody.

    According to him “We have no business fighting anyone, let us have religious harmony, let us behave well so that we can do the right thing for the country and mankind.”

    In his exhortation, the Grand Chief Imam of Lagos, Sheikh Suleman Oluwatoyin Abu-Nolla while speaking on the significance of Ramadan, said the month of Ramadan is a sacred month of blessings, mercy, forgiveness, repentance, sober reflection, and acceptance of prayers, adding that those who fast during Ramadan with faith are rewarded and forgiven their sins. He also stressed the importance of Zakat ul Fitr as a means of purification, which is meant to help the needy celebrate the Eid-el-Fitri

    “Nigerians should shun all forms of violence, be patriotic and change their mindsets to build a better country and overcome the challenges the country is presently facing.

    “Besides, we must also be disciplined, law-abiding and allow peace and harmony in the country. “As people, let us have hope in our nation, let us be more patriotic to our nation and Allah will guide us” he said.

    The sheikh therefore prayed for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his cabinet for divine guidance and protection and Allah should grant them the courage to make the right decision for the country’s development.

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