By Oluwatope Lawanson

The Managing Director, RevolutionPlus Property Ltd., a real estate company, Mr Bamidele Onalaja, has reiterated the company’s commitment to the provision of affordable land and housing ownership across the country.
Onalaja gave the assurance in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sidelines of the company’s eighth anniversary on Wednesday in Lagos.
He noted that Nigerians deserved decent accommodation irrespective of their class, occupation and location.
Onalaja said that the company had set out short and long-term plans for an affordable housing scheme.
“We are much passionate about our vision in providing affordable lands and housing schemes for the Nigerians because we believe that every Nigerian earning decent pay can afford a home.
“We are much passionate about our vision in providing affordable lands and housing schemes for Nigerians because we believe that every Nigerian earning decent pay can afford a home.
“We are not much into luxurious homes or Green and Smart Homes, because we want as many people that can key into our affordable housing scheme to come in, especially the middle class people.
“Our aim is to make both our lands and homes accessible for every Nigeria irrespective of status.
“We are more interested in making many low income earners landlords while ensuring that they have all the basic amenities that every Nigerian home can afford,” he said.
Onalaja said that RevolutionPlus focuses on providing shelter for Nigerians at affordable prices.
He said: “Our commitment to providing affordable lands and housing units all over Nigeria is on the account of our self motivation because if we are to consider the business climate, we won’t be in business today.
“ `Amidst the harsh economic condition, we are growing stronger because we self-motivate and do not get discouraged which has been our success story so far.”
According to him, the vision of the company is to reduce the housing deficit in Nigeria, especially in Lagos, where it’s located.
“Affordable housing project is achievable for all Nigerians through our various housing and land installment facility, so they need not worry about how to go about it given the economic condition in the country.
“As we know, the housing deficit in Nigeria is high, but on our own side within the few years of operation, we have been able to produce close to 1,000 landlords in our estates.
“Lagos as a cosmopolitan state has about 25 million people, so we can expect a great deal of housing deficit; we have put up many partnership programmes with the people and the government to reduce the deficit.
“The response on our housing projects have been fantastic although we had to consider the housing scheme after receiving many requests,’’ he said.
Onalaja stated that the subscribers to the land on offers at the various estates being managed by the company get their lands within 48 hours after the full paymet.
“We have built for ourselves a reputation of intergrity, openness and prompt allocation of lands to our subscribers 48 hours after the full payment, the full video, survey plan and other necessary documents will be delivered at doorsteps.
“Also, considering the economic situation, we have put in place flexible instalmental payment plan of five years and mortgage plans for those who cannot continue with the payment plan.
“For those who lose their jobs or loss of the breadwinner, they can also apply for extension of their payment plan to about two years with another option of a year which is also at an interest free rate.
“The mortgage bank will take over the responsibility of payment for the housing scheme when terms and conditions have been met. It is also on record that most of our subscribers are from the informal sector,’’ he said. (NAN) (

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