By John Adams, Minna

Senate President Ahmad Lawan met with former Head of State General Abdulsalami Abubakar (retd) and former military president General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (retd) separately behind closed doors on Saturday.

Although the meeting’s details were not immediately available, the Senate President told journalists that he was in Minna on a sympathy visit to General Abdulsalami, who had recently returned from a medical trip abroad.
Lawan, who was accompanied by Senator Alhaji Sani Miss of Niger East Senatorial District, arrived in Minna around 1.30 p.m. and made his first stop at General Abdulsalam’s residence.

Later, he and his entourage went to General Babangida’s residence, where the two leaders met for 30 minutes.

Speaking to reporters after he met with Abdulsalam, the Senate President said that the two leaders have a lot of roles to play in ensuring the unity and peaceful co-existence of Nigerians, but explained that he was in Minna on a sympathy visit to the former Head of State who is recuperating from illness.

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He described the visit as necessary, saying that apart from being an elder statesman, he has made a contribution to the development of the country.

“As our leader and elder statesman, we felt that it is necessary that we make this visit today to come and sympathise with him and his family.

“We are grateful to God for the lives of our fathers and we pray that they recover completely so that they would be able to continue with their good work of ensuring that Nigeria remains united and Nigerians live peacefully amongst themselves.”

He declined to comment on the 2023 elections, insisting that he was Minna in for a private visit and not a political visit.

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