By Christian ABURIME

Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo’s 23 months as Governor of Anambra State have been marked by a flurry of proactive initiatives, painting a hopeful picture of a livable and prosperous future for the state.

His administration has created a multi-pronged approach, focusing on security, infrastructure, economic transformation, human capital development, governance reforms, and a sustainable environment.

While the nation grapples with economic hurdles, Governor Soludo has demonstrated a commitment to alleviating the burdens of his people.

Recognizing the strain of rising fuel costs, the N2 billion the State got from the N5billion palliative fund promised by President Tinubu of which 48% of the fund was a loan to the State Government to pay back, Governor Soludo proactively addressed the shortfall by shouldering the remaining N960 million loan repayment himself.

Furthermore, in a move applauded by public servants, Governor Soludo implemented a 10% salary increase in January 2023, which was to cost the State an annual expense of N1.8 billion. He was the first Governor to proactively take this patriotic step to augument the salaries of civil servants

He further cushioned the blow of fuel subsidy removal by providing non-taxable monthly stipends of N12,000 to public servants and pensioners from September to December 2023, costing the state treasury an additional N2.977 billion.

Recognizing the importance of reliable transportation for civil servants, the Governor also initiated the refurbishment of staff buses, easing their daily commute.

His compassion extended beyond state employees. Vulnerable groups like hawkers, okada riders, and petty traders, often hit hardest by economic turmoil, were granted tax exemptions, providing much-needed relief.

To boost disposable income for families, Governor Soludo abolished all fees and charges associated with education, from nursery school to junior secondary school, removing a significant financial burden for parents and guardians.

He further reduced fees for senior secondary education to a nominal N5,000.

Healthcare accessibility became a priority, with antenatal care and child delivery services made completely free at all General Hospitals and Primary Healthcare Centers.

These initiatives demonstrate Governor Soludo’s commitment to the well-being of all Anambrians, especially the most vulnerable.

Thus, Governor Soludo’s 23 months in office have been a demonstration of his vision and dedication to uplifting Anambra State. His strategic approach to security, infrastructure, human development, and economic transformation paints a promising picture for the future, offering hope for a livable and prosperous homeland for all Anambrians.

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