Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) has trained some stakeholders in Ilorin on ways to engage in standardized goods and carry out distribution of certified products appropriately.

Mr Oyebola Ayeni, State Coordinator of SON said that the aim of the training was to engage stakeholders, educate them and equip them on how to carry out their distribution appropriately.

Ayeni stated that the organization was aware of some inadequacies in the way stakeholders carry out their activities, through field inspections and discovered that some of the products sold are not properly labelled.

“Due to this inadequacies of labeling, certification and presentation of substandard products, there is need for such ignorance to be addressed by sensitizing stakeholders and engaging them.

“Educate them in knowledge of product labeling, in order to identify the adequate product they need to buy in open market.

“This is to alert them not to be involved in any nefarious activities that will direct substandard products to the consumers,” he said.

Guest speaker, Hajiya Rabiat Abiola said that product liability is the law that guides manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers of goods and services.

Abiola said that Nigerians would hold stakeholders responsible for substandard products and legally sue them for distributing such products.

She explained that a product is defective when it does not provide satisfaction as expected and could be traced to manufacturer, designers and those held responsible are wholesalers, retailers and suppliers.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Mr AbdulRasheed Habeeb, a participant representing Mamtess Shopping Mall, Ilorin said that the training had made him understand the type of product that could be imported.

Habeeb noted that SON specified on selling of only standardized goods and avoid any product that could be of harm to customers and a threat to the nation economy.

Mr Peter Ikemezie, another participant from Chupet Cosmetics, Ilorin said that the training had enlightened him on the dangers associated with doing business with unregistered company and selling substandard goods.

NAN many stakeholders showed interest in the training organized by SON to sensitize them on their lapses and how to satisfy customers need and continue to progress in their business.

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