The All Progressives Congress’ (APC) nominee for president, Bola Tinubu, has denounced the governor of Edo’s remarks, Godwin Obaseki.

Obaseki cautioned Nigerians against supporting Tinubu and the APC, saying that if they won the 2023 elections, the nation will fall apart.

The governor gave a speech during the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign Council’s Edo chapter’s inauguration.

Obaseki made fun of his office, according to a statement from Bayo Onanuga, director of media and publicity for the Tinubu-Shettima Campaign.

Onanuga claimed that as governors of Lagos and Borno States, Tinubu and Senator Kashim Shettima had proven their abilities and skills.

He claimed that since they managed the emergence of deserving successors, their accomplishments and legacies in public service continue to endure the test of time.

The spokesperson charged Obaseki with being careless and desiring terrible things for the nation due to politics.

The governor was admonished by Onanuga to stop “scaremongering” and engaging in “the filthy gutter of acrimonious politicking and crisis-baiting.”

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The APC maintained that Obaseki’s only notable accomplishment was repaying those who supported him as he rose to political prominence in Nigeria with evil.

“The vivacious Governor Nyesom Wike has expressed his sincere remorse for ever assisting Obaseki in keeping his position of power.

He lacks the reflection and introspection expected of someone holding the office of governor, according to him. He is a divisive, annoying, and toxic human being, he claimed.

Onanuga described the governor as a man devoid of any emotional intelligence and possibly unsuited to the position he presently holds.

Regarding the assertion that the federal government prints money every day, the APC countered that only a deranged and sick mind could conjure the story Obaseki concocted.

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