About 14years after, the Inspector-Nigeria Police, Mr Kayode Egbetokun, has been asked to make public the probe of a case against a senior staff of the Nigeria National Petroleum Company Limited, NNPCL, Ms Asabe Waziri.





According to the petition to the IGP written by a civil society organisation, Global Integrity Crusade Network, GICN, receieved in the office of the IGP on May 3, 2024, the organisation said the report must not be swept under the carpet.





The petition, signed by the Publicity Secretary of GICN, Leticia Omeiza, stated that failure of the police to make public the report, GICN shall institute an action in court to compel the IGP to release the report.





According to GICN, the case should be re-open for the family of the victim to get justice.





Parts of the petition reads, “Research took us to the National Library of Nigeria where we uncovered a story tagged “Woman hit with car by opponent” on Page 57 of the Sunday Trust newspaper dated 30th May. 2010. Certified True Copy (CTC) of the newspaper is attached as APPENDIX 1. According to the story, a woman named Mrs. Shitua Aso had accompanied her sister Mrs. Nonto Ogunyinka to the FCT Police Command, Garki 2, Abuja in a controversy involving Mrs. Ogunyinka and one Miss Asabe Waziri. It was reported that Police had settled the dispute between Mrs. Ogunyinka and Miss Asabe Waziri, whereupon both women left with the intention of going to their respective houses but exchanged unpleasant remarks along the stairway.





“Thereafter, Miss Asabe Waziri got into her car, drove towards her and hit Mrs Shitua Aso, who was standing in front of the FCT Police Command and rapidly moved into the main road.





“A further reading of APPENDIX 1 shows that Kelvin Gaino, a brother to Mrs. Shitua Aso told journalists that they went after Miss Asabe Waziri and traced her to the Police Force Headquarters where she entered, after a brief struggle, Miss Asabe Waziti was arrested. The victim was taken to Fereprod Medical Centre in Garki 2 where she was attended to by the doctors. Upon a second visit to the said hospital by journalists, one Dr, Atinko informed them that the victim was hit by the car twice from the back and sustained spinal cord injuries. He said the impact was enormous in the body of Mrs. Shitua Aso that she could not walk and urinate since she was received for treatrnent. When the news reporter, Misbahu Bashir contacted the then FCT Police Spokesman, he said the case was being handled by the Criminal Investigation Department.





“Unfortunately, no single Investigation


Report (interim or Final) has been made public until this moment by the Nigeria


Police Force concerning this case which shook the entire Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and its environs at the time it happened.”





The petitioner said unconfirmed report points to the fact that Mrs. Shitua Aso, eventually died of spinal cord injuries sustained as a result of the act of Miss Asabe Waziri.





She said GICN does not want to assume that this was one of the too many cases of unresolved killing of innocent Nigerians, most of whom have no financial strength or political connection to fight for justice.





“Our expectation is that after 14 (Fourteen) years down the line the Nigeria Police Force should have concluded their Final investigation Report and probably make a public statement to clear the air as to the culpability or otherwise of Miss Asabe Waziriin the case. GICN is deeply pained that Miss Asabe Waziri has continued to walk the streets as a free citizen while family members of Mis. Shitua Aso, are still living with the trauma that came with the death of their relative.





“We find this situation disturbing, as the inordinate delay on the part of the Nigeria Police Force to clear the air could be interpreted to be an attempt at shielding Miss Asabe Waziri, whom we learnt is a wealthy and influential woman working with the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPCL) Headquarters, Central Business District, Abuja.





GICN also said in the petition,


“It is on that note that we hereby DEMAND pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, 2011 that you within 7 Seven days from the date hereof furnish us with the FINAL INVESTIGATION REPORT of the case involving Mrs Shitua Aso and Miss Asabe Waziri. Better still, your good office may wish fo REOPEN the aforesaid case and swiftly ARREST Miss Asabe Waziri for questioning on what exactly happened to Mrs. Shitua Aso, after she hit her with a car as reported in APPENDIX 1. We expect that you will accordingly communicate with us in writing, should this second line of action be taken.





“Take noticethat in the event that you do not act as herein demanded, we shall address a World Press Conference in Abuja to brief local cum international observers on the effort GICN has made to promote fundamental human rights in Nigeria and how the Nigeria Police Force under your leadership failed, refused and or neglected to cooperate with us.

“Thereafter, we shall institute proceedings under Section 1 (3) of the Freedom of Information Act, 2011 at the Federal High Court Headquarters to seek, amongst other ancillary reliefs, an Order of Mandamus compelling you to carry out your duties under the 1999 Constitution, Police Act 2020 and other extant laws.”

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