The attention of the West African Examinations Council has issued a statement on a social media post claiming the body has ranked Abia State as the best-performing State in the WASSCE for School Candidates, 2023, in Nigeria.

The council has stated severally, that it does not rank performance of States as a basis of high performance in its’ examination.

The council strongly condemns these false media publications in circulation as it is wrongful information meant to mislead the public and also to get the council enmeshed in political controversies.

The Council has advised the general public to ignore the false information that some of these media houses have put out for their own trending purposes.

The West African Examination Council would not allow the good name of the body to be dragged in disrepute especially with the intention to cause disharmony among the states competing for superiority.

Furthermore, the Council has not decided on the best candidate(s) for WASSCE for School Candidates, 2023. Any report to the contrary should be disregarded.
The general public has been advised to please take note on these developments.

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