In our larger society, there are men and women who are silently working assiduously behind the scene to oil our nation’s wheel of progress. These people are SILENT HEROES in their own right but have largely remained unsung and under-celebrated. Believe it or not, they are the reason our nation has made the modest progress recorded in different spheres in contemporary times.

The book, “NIGERIA’S SILENT HEROES volume 1” is a documentation of some of the milestones of such hardworking individuals. Their achievements cut across diverse fields like Education, Security, Journalism, Industry, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Governance etc.

This compendium provides to the reader some insight into the rich profiles of these quiet Nigerians who have paid their dues to humanity. The spotlight on these “great” countrymen and women is intended to inspire upcoming young people to know and believe that hard work, integrity and consistency still have their dividends.

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