Dr Obialo Ibe, an Abuja-based radiologist, and an unidentified friend were allegedly murdered in his home in the Games Village area of the Federal Capital Territory.

The victims were allegedly murdered between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

However, there are two versions of the story.

One account claimed that the victims were murdered by unidentified individuals, while another claimed that the slain Ibe’s house helped kill him and his friend.

According to a Facebook post by Anthony Ogbo, citing Ibe’s younger sister, Adanna, the slain doctor was scheduled to leave for the United States of America with a friend the day they were murdered.

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He went on to say that they were stabbed in the chest and abdomen several times and that Ibe’s new car, luggage, and some documents were taken away.

“Obi was ready to leave for the airport,” he wrote. He was picked up by a friend. Adanna had to go to work. She attempted to call her brother later to wish him a safe journey but was unable to reach him.

“After several failed attempts, she finally dialed the houseboy’s number. The houseboy explained that he needed to run an errand and left Obi at home. Adanna became concerned and returned home.

“When I got home, the gate was locked with a new padlock from the outside.” She dialed the house boy’s number again, who directed her to the location of the new key.

“When she entered the house, she discovered Obi and his friend dead in a pool of their own blood.” They’d both been stabbed in the chest and abdomen several times. His five-month-old car, travel luggage, and documents have all vanished.”
“Dr Obialor Ibe, one of the best consultant radiologists in Nigeria, and his friend were gruesomely murdered at his Abuja home on Wednesday by unidentified individual/s,” said Tope Fausa, a presidential candidate for the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party in 2019. That morning, he was supposed to leave for America.

“He was a dedicated radiologist with a special interest in pediatric abdominal imaging.”

However, a man claiming to be the doctor’s next-door neighbor accused the housekeeper of poisoning him and a friend before stabbing them.

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“It is believed that the house boy poisoned the doctor and his friend, hacked them to death, and then stole his SUV and cash before fleeing,” he said. I heard he was detained near the Nigerian-Nigerian border.”
Josephine Adeh, the FCT Police Public Relations Officer, could not be reached for comment because her phone line was unanswered.

As of the time of filing this report, she had not responded to a text message sent to her phone number.

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