The old girls’of Aunty Ayo Girls Comprehensive Secondary School, 1983 set celebrated their reunion with a host of activities to mark the three day event. The 40th anniversary themed ‘Old School Nostalgia’ , brought together the old students whom most are established professionals across various walks of life.

The Programme started on Friday, 25th August, 2023 with the arrival of members of the association and invited guests. There was an opening prayer to officially mark the event open.

The chairperson of the committee, Reverend Sister Helen- Maris, gave the welcome address that brought back quite a few heartfelt memories to the old girls who were present.

Thereafter, members of the 1983 set were introduced with a lot of enthusiasm from them as it was forty years ago that the made their bonds of friendship.

A seminar presented by Dr. Nelson Ayodele titled ‘ Mental Health Sustainance Amidst Multiple Challenges ‘ was given to address the rising issues faced by people especially career women in the face of family, work and the society.

After the presentation, it was a time to share nostalgic memories, stories of days gone by and the growth of these women of excellence through a light luncheon.

The event was taken further away from the premises of the occasion to the Heritage Homes Motherless Babies Orphanage, to show love, care, empathy and giving back to society by the old girls’. This was done through the presentation of various gift items to the children and staff of the home.

Indeed, a joyous occasion that celebrates great feats and achievements can be achieved in a lifetime, with collaboration, love and support as the old girls’ of Aunty Ayo Girls ‘ Comprehensive Secondary School, 1983 set have shown.

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