The old girls’ alumni of Aunty Ayo Girls Comprehensive Secondary School, Lagos, 83 set, in continuation of the 40th year anniversary of the school and activities lined up for the celebration by the1983 set, held a series of events to mark the occasion.

A novelty match between the old girls’ and some
alumni of Eko Boys High school, kicked off the second day of events. After this exhilarating program, there was a picnic to follow up.

The evening was highlighted with a gala night. Here, all guests were welcomed by Chairperson of the 1983 set, Oluwatoyin Campbell. The National president, Olufunke Nwankwo gave a very warming speech that echoed the affinity of the old girls.

The rest of the evening, was marked by an exciting fanfare of events like a dance competition, a raffle draw, awards to deserving teachers, presentation of Projects to the current principal of the school, dinner and dancing the night away.

The last day was marked by a Thanksgiving service at the Saint Agnes Catholic Church, Maryland Lagos. Here, all gratitude for the life of the old girls, the times and the smooth anniversary celebration was shown with much reverence and happiness. A reception followed and a retinue of photographs were taken to capture the memories that will definitely last another forty years and sustain the legacy of Aunty Ayo Girls Comprehensive Secondary School Lagos.

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