A coalition of civil society organizations, socialist groups, and radical political parties have called for nationwide peaceful protests on 12 June 2024, to oppose the economic policies of President Bola Tinubu. The press conference which held at the International Press Centre in Ogba, Lagos, on the 6th of June, 2024, condemned Tinubu’s administration for exacerbating hardship and hunger among Nigerians.

The coalition criticized President Tinubu’s economic decisions, including the removal of fuel subsidies and the devaluation of the naira, which they argue have led to skyrocketing inflation and widespread poverty. Since Tinubu took office, headline inflation has risen to 33.7%, and food inflation stands at 40.5%. They highlighted that at least 31 million Nigerians are food insecure, with many struggling to afford basic necessities.

The groups decried the closure of several industries, job losses, and the increasing cost of living. They condemned Tinubu’s plans to deepen pro-market policies through the “Accelerated Stabilisation and Advancement Plan (ASAP),” which they believe will worsen the economic situation.

On 12 June 2024, protests will begin at Ikeja under-bridge in Lagos at 8 am, with similar events planned across the country. The coalition urged Nigerians to join in solidarity, emphasizing that meaningful change requires collective action.

The coalition’s demands include reversing fuel price and electricity tariff hikes, increasing the minimum wage, reducing political office holders’ salaries, ensuring social protection for informal workers, and ending press freedom attacks. They also called for the release of detained journalists and political activists.

The coalition comprises of Take It Back Movement represented by
Sanyaolu Juwon,
Joint Action Front (JAF) represented by Peluola Adewale, Education Rights Campaign (ERC) represented by Hassan Taiwo Soweto, Federation of Informal Workers Organisation of Nigeria (FIWON) represented by Comrade Gbenga Komolafe,
Socialist Workers League (SWL) represented by Kunle Wizeman and
PRP Vanguard represented by Comrade Bashiru Bello.

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