Secretary of the Solabi Family in the Atan area of Ogun State ,Kazeem Solabi has decried ,what he described as an attempt to blackmail the police in order to incite them against his family .

Kazeem therefore condemned a viral video on the internet ,where a resident of Ologede Village , Sokoto Road in Atan , Lucky Agunnge accused the police of aiding land grabbing .

Lucky in the viral video had accused the police in Atan of releasing alleged land grabbers ,who attacked him .

The family scribe said said ” I am disappointed in what our people have turned the social media to . They now see it as a tool to manipulate people around them . ”

He narrated that ” The man in the said video is supposed to be one of my family’s tenants but he bought the land from the judgement debtor .”

” We had a case up to the Supreme Court and my family won . It is expected that those ,who are affected by the judgement should do the necessary things by ratifying their documents .”

He continued that ” Others in the area are cooperating with us but this man,Mr Lucky insisted that he would not pay us and each we tried to talk to him ,he was always violent and unleashed his dog on us . ”

Kazeem also stated that ” Some days ago ,we tried to talk to him again and he unleashed his dog on us and he was violently trying to hold unto us ,so that the dog can attack us .”

” We freed ourselves from him and escaped from the dog only for him to return with policemen and accused us of attacking him .”

He also stated that ” As a law abiding person ,I volunteered myself to go with them to the police station but surprisingly on our way to the police station ,he started hitting me in the police van and inflicted serious injury on my nose and face . The policemen were disappointed and they chastised him .”

” When we got to the police station ,the DPO saw the two of us and instructed his officers to give the two of us medical reports to go and treat ourselves and that we should return to the station .”

” I am still recovering from the injury he inflicted on me ,when I got a report that he had gone online to make false accusation against us and even indicted the police .”

Kazeem stated that “There at the station ,he confessed to the DPO that he was the one that bit me in the leg and also the one that punched me in the face .”

“When the DPO was even threatening to arraign both of us in court ,he was the one that appealed that he should not do so for now .He promised to return to the police station .They are still expecting us .”

A police source in the state ,who pleaded anonymity said ” It is true that he was at the station to report a case of assault on him but he also assaulted the other man ,even in the presence of policemen .”

” Already ,there was a report against him that he was unleashing his dog on people in the area and threatening them .”
The police source also stated that ” The case is still on . The patties were only allowed to go and treat themselves and return .”

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