The National Democratic Coalition (NDC) has passed a vote of confidence on the leadership of Governor Yahaya Bello in Kogi State.

Describing the terrorism claims of the People’s Democratic Party as puerile propaganda attempt, the group said the governor has made concerted efforts to secure the lives and properties of indigenes and residents.

The National Democratic Coalition made this known on Monday at a press conference in Abuja.

In his address, national president, Dr. Sam Ogaba, said the allusion that Governor Bello was planning to unleash violence in the state in the buildup to the general elections is a figment of the imagination of the state chapter of the PDP, and by extension the PDP.

He said the statement credited to Alhaji Bello was blown out of proportion and a ploy to cover for the nefarious activities of the party in the state which necessitated the stern warning.

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“It must be stated unequivocally that Governor Yahaya Bello has remained one of the bastions of our democracy. He has exhibited this much through his laudable contributions to enhancing democratic ideals in the country
over the years,” Ogaba said.

“In its desperation to cause disaffection amongst Nigerians before the elections, it is our opinion that the PDP has elected to cry foul where none exists. The PDP must come to terms with the reality that Governor Yahaya Bello has distinguished himself as a true patriot. As such, he cannot be viewed as going against the tenets of democracy.

“However, it must be stated that as the Chief Security Officer of Kogi State, he is constitutionally mandated to ensure the safety of lives and properties of the citizens of the state, an act that he has demonstrated with unalloyed finesse to the commendation of all and sundry”.

Ogaba, therefore, advised the PDP to desist “from such an ignoble campaign to draw Governor Yahaya Bello into its quagmire as the elections approach”.

He added, “To think that the PDP could throw caution in the winds in its statement is an indication that all is not well within the ranks of the party, that we are tempted to believe that disparaging men and women of goodwill in the country is a strategy adopted to bounce back to public reckoning.

“Consequently, the National Democratic Coalition wishes to use this medium to advise the PDP to desist from the puerile propaganda attempt against Governor Yahaya Bello. This is in light of the fact that the allegation was in poor taste and lacked merit.

“The PDP must also come to terms with putting its house in order first before casting a stone on others. Needless to say, the PDP has been enmeshed in a crisis of confidence due to a lack of direction of objectives”.

The National Democratic Coalition, however, urged the “general public to be cautious of statements from the PDP, as it has been established that the PDP is all out for a propaganda campaign aimed at heating the polity and causing untold embarrassment to perceived stumbling blocks to their quest for power again”.

Ogaba further described Bello as a bastion of democracy in Nigeria, adding that his disposition to national issues has been exemplary.

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